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Musement has developed a map that included almost 2.000 film locations, ¡to make you a movie trip!

Musement, reservation platform experiencias leisure and culture worldwide, They celebrate their passion for the world of cine con an interactive map where you can find the exact locations where mythical movies were filmed, data since the early 1950 hasta hoy. It is the perfect way to organize a trip film, ¡or to enjoy them!

Letizia Stok, Country Manager of Musement in Spain, notes that “our map picks 1.906 locations 442 movies so it will be a great help for all those travelers who want to choose their next destination based on your favorite tape; and for those who want to know what movies were filmed in the cities you have visited or plan to visit”.

Choose your favorite scenes and discover the legendary localiciones, unusual and unexpected of the most iconic films that have been filmed until ahora.De adventure to comedy, the musical drama, We have included Oscar-winning films from the early 1950 to the present, the best actor / actress, as well as the 5 blockbusters of the past 30 años. ¿Can you guess where the mystery and romance unfolded from the big screen to the real world?? ¡Pronounce «Action» and give yourself the opportunity! – explains the web.

The map developed by the company includes all movies with Oscar from 50 and also it includes locations of some of the blockbusters of the film industry as Star Wars, James Bond o Harry Potter. Lovers of travel and cinema can discover where they filmed Jurassic Park, where the desert roads of Mad Max or where to walk if you want to feel like Vito Corleone in The Godfather.

Travel Film, ¡en España!

In Spain, entre otras, we can visit locations Lawrence of Arabia in Almeria, The world is never enough (James Bond) in Castilla-La Mancha, or Plaza of Spain in Seville, appearing in Star Wars: Attack of the clones. It will surprise you, and proposes plans and travel original to continue discovering our country. ¡That sometimes we go abroad and do not know our natural or monumental wonders!

Here you can see the location of some of these Spanish films:

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Main picture and highlighted byJakob Owens onUnsplash