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it is possible to enjoy (or make enjoy) of original experiences in a much simpler way, comfortable and cheap than you think. inside info.

We are at a time when we all need to have a little leisure in our lives or treat ourselves, además, It is always good to have gift ideas prepared and on a tight budget.. aware of it, Spain's number one website for experience giftswww.aladinia.com, has searched and sent me twelve original plans and experiences for less than 50 euros so that I can tell you about it and we can both enjoy it ourselves and give it to our loved ones.

Spa circuit in spas and hotels

original experiences
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To forget about the problems, nothing like a spa circuit in any of the many spas and hotels that offer it in various parts of Spain. For example, the Blancafort Spa 4* in La Garriga (Barcelona) proposes the Natatorium circuit in the thermal water pool, jets, waterfalls, water beds with microbubbles and the jacuzzi that is completed with the Templarium thermal circuit, inspired by the ancient Roman baths where the contrast of temperatures, the sauna, showers and foot baths will provide total well-being. Cost 25 euros.

Otra opción, More complete, may be the one at Sandos Monaco Beach Hotel & Spa 4* in Benidorm (Alicante) que, in addition to the spa circuit, includes a food or dinner at the restaurant Fontvieille, with the chef's preparations that are prepared in the live cooking show of the hotel's international buffet. all for 35 per person. But on the Aladinia website you will surely find many more options and spas near your home (or the place you most want to visit).

Learn to prepare paella with an online course

Nothing like learning to prepare different dishes guided by authentic sushi masters, oriental or indian cuisine, pizzas, etc. pero, ¿why not dare with something more traditional and that always surprises? A pan! and in this case without having to move, such as the Online Cooking Course of Paellas and Mediterranean Rice by Kike Martí. A Through an explanatory video, learn how to prepare the most popular rice dishes and paellas in the Mediterranean in 40 interesting lessons. From the selection of the variety of the grain and its perfect way of cooking to the most suitable type of fire to prepare rice, going through the best utensils to use. Seven popular recipes are proposed, like vegetable paella, the black paella and the iconic Valencian paella. the course costs 19,90 euros and be part of these original experiences.

Climbing baptism in La Pedriza

Much more active is this proposal by the hand of the company Eskalamandra specialized in tasks of initiation to climbing, canyoning, caving and other adventure activities at a moderate level. It takes place in La Pedriza, one of the most fascinating rocky corners of the southern slope of the Sierra de Guadarrama in Madrid. Exit oriented to make contact with climbing in the natural environment in a place called Las Placas de la Coja, a granitic batholith of 35 meters high, an easy and long climb that does not require extra strength in the arms. All the specific material is provided and all the necessary details will be explained to enjoy it to the fullest. The price is 39 euros.

original experiences: Paratrike flight with video

The paratrike is a variety of the classic paraglider, It has an engine at the rear that makes it more manageable and does not need to be at a certain height for it to take off.. After a brief theoretical class in which they will explain everything necessary to start the flight, with a professional instructor, you will be able to enjoy beautiful landscapes under your feet up to the 300 meters high, a totally new and unique perspective of the Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz.

Depending on the wind conditions the takeoff point will vary, but always close to the beaches. The experience includes a fantastic video report of the flight, to be able to show off with family and friends. The price per person is 34,95 euro inAladinia.com.

Sleep in a cabin in the trees

Disconnect in the middle of nature and enjoy an original night in Gargantilla del Lozoya, an hour's drive from Madrid, where is the campsite Monte Holiday Ecoturismo. Among the treetops is the cabin, a small wooden accommodation for two located four meters high, with spectacular views of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park.

There are different types and sizes of cabins, from a very simple one with a couple of mats to larger ones for a group of friends or family, with a queen size bed 135 cm, plus two single beds 80 cm and another trundle bed also 80 cm, Heating and air conditioning, microwave, Electric mini-fridge and indoor table, bathroom with shower and a magnificent terrace of 12 metros cuadrados. Prices per person from 30,50 euros.

pilot for a day

It is not necessary the long studies and practices of the professional pilots, now you can take the controls and feel the thrill of flying a plane. A day full of adrenaline awaits you at the Eduardo Castellanos de Villacastín Aerodrome, speed and fun. Upon arrival at the facility, a professional pilot will show the facilities and you will be able to attend a theoretical session. Then comes the time to fly in Tecnam P96 light aircraft, two-seater with double control to be able to carry out elementary maneuvers such as ascents, descents and turns to enjoy the experience of feeling like a pilot, or if you are very brave, more fun maneuvers can be requested, even acrobatics.

This original experience can be done in Madrid, Ávila and Segovia and discover dreamlike landscapes from the air at the controls of an ultralight plane. From the typical castles and fortresses of the Castilian-Leonese area passing through World Heritage cities, without forgetting the vast and wonderful landscapes of the area. Prices range from 41,90 euro for 15 flight minutes.

Romantic getaway with thermal circuit

Alhama de Aragon (Zaragoza) es, for more than a century, the main thermal town of Aragon. The greatest wealth of this population are its hot springs, benefits discovered in roman times. The Alhama de Aragón Spa is one of the oldest on the peninsula. It has different proposals with one or several days duration, even some special ones at Christmas parties.

The simplest includes accommodation in a fully equipped double room, free buffet breakfast and access to the Active Thermal Pool of the spa made up of hydromassages, water beds, hot tubs, counter currents and jets at different heights, Foot bath for feet and legs with a corridor of pressurized jets of warm mineral-medicinal water and a pebble floor that activates circulation and achieves a massage and muscle relaxation effect, free access gym, outdoor thermal water pool. The price for two people inAladinia.com es de 48,95 per person.

Indian cooking class for two

Those dishes that are sometimes eaten in a good Indian restaurant: korma curry soup, Tandoori baked stuffed potatoes, a rice pilaf with nuts…– they are easier to do than it seems. At least that's how they understand it in Selected Recipes, a cooking and pastry school in Madrid that offers several initiation courses in different gastronomic techniques, entre otros, sushi workshops, indian cuisine, fresh pasta, bakery and various pastries.

This original experiences, which lasts three hours, It is done in groups of a maximum of 12 personas. In the case of Indian cooking, theoretical lessons on the ingredients are also given., its history and use, the characteristics of indian cuisine, the balance in the mixture of tastes and textures and the art of combining spices and aromatic plants. Además, everything cooked can be taken home and enjoyed with family or friends. The price for two people is 49,90 euros.

original experiences

Wind tunnel flight for children

¿What better gift and original experiences at the upcoming holidays for a child than teaching him to fly? Aladinia.com proposes several places where you can do it in a wind tunnel: in Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona), I see (Madrid), leganes (Madrid), and Empuriabrava (Girona). The Wind Tunnel is a unique experience suitable for all ages from 4 años. It is a completely safe activity in which you are accompanied at all times by one of the instructors. The adventure will begin in a room where they will give an explanation or briefing on everything you need to know..

Later they will provide all the material to dress like a flight professional and you will be ready to float. And the companions will be able to witness the adventure from the cafeteria while having a soft drink or enjoying an appetizer or menu. Prices range from 39 a los 48 euro per child, depending on location.

ax throwing session

original experiences

If something has this proposal is one of the funniest original experiences. It's not often you learn to throw an ax, a wild idea that comes from Canada to Madrid and that, like darts or the bow, is a deportation in which the contestant throws an ax at a target, trying to hit as close as possible to a target or the «killshots», pero, eso sí, it can be even more fun if it is done with friends over a few beers.

This is the original proposal of Urban Safari that, after a brief introduction to proper throwing techniques and related safety rules then come the fun games, tests with different weapons good music and, por supuesto, a beer. The price is 17,00 euros.

Stay in a cave house

Feeling like a troglodyte does not mean going back to the past but living a unique and original experience without giving up comfort and opting for tranquility and relaxation. In the Almagruz Troglodyte Habitat in Granada, in the surroundings of the Sierra Nevada National Park and near Guadix they have six Cave Houses, with capacity from 2 a 28 personas, in a unique environment. The houses offer all the comforts, a cozy atmosphere, and all the details to make the stay an unforgettable experience.

There you discover a new approach to life, marked by respect for nature in this space created to relax, where you can disconnect from the madding crowd. Además, You can take a guided tour of the Almagruz Troglodite Habitat Interpretation Center or the Purullena Badlands. Depending on the number of people who inhabit it, the price is from 49,95 per person.

beer massage

Beer Spa is a unique place to enjoy a wide variety of massages and treatments made with the beneficial components of beer and original experiences.. These components contain several medicinal and therapeutic properties that help control anxiety and depression., improve sleep and boost immunity. The experience includes a massage 25 relaxing or decontractural minutes made with hop and yeast body oil that will make us enter a state of tranquility and rest thanks to its smooth movements that will undo all the tensions of the body. The price per person is 50 euros. Beer Spa is in Alicante and Granada.

original experiences