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Because being a Pin Up girl is not just about painting your lips red and being naive, discover its essence.

Yesterday I knew in Facebook a very nice group. “Nor is 1940 we are not in the United States, so cut the pin-up roll”, that has made me reflect on the impact of this philosophy in Spain. Many girls adopt it either daily or on special occasions to highlight a night or an event. I think it's great that it's one more way to extrapolate your style from the inside to the outside.. Without a doubt, being a Pin Up girl is a fascinating aesthetic, that brings out the big woman that you all have inside and that stylizes the body in addition to promoting an exuberant beauty that respects curves and naturalness. ¿But the girls of 2011 son Pin Ups? ¿They know what they are talking about?

chica Pin Up

It is one thing to follow the aesthetics of a Pin Up girl and quite another to go along with the ideology that accompanies them.. If you want to know more details about this fantastic world full of unfounded opinions and many times veiled by the aesthetic idea without thinking about the social revolution that it entailed, you can take a look at “A manual for Pin Up Women who want to be more than just red lips” . I highly recommend this book from my friend and partner Ana Alëhia Rico Cruz: “Focusing on the Pin Up aesthetic, the author studies the origins and influence of this aesthetic movement to this day, as well as its promoters and main creators. The result is this book: a manual for Pin Up Women who want to be more than just red lips”.

A great opportunity to explore not only the Pin Up aesthetic, but also its philosophy and how to make it an element in our favor in the year 2011. Because let's remember that this is not the US nor are we in the past.

In the images we see a campaign signed by Michael Elins for Harley Davidson. Without a doubt, it clearly and faithfully follows the Pin Up girl aesthetic and, on top of that, mixing touches of the army., which further reinforces the idea of ​​the North American classic. Without a doubt, Harley knows very well what to do and what she intends to convey with this mix of girls, classicism and USA roll. But this does not mean that the campaign is no longer attractive..