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Do you remember how good your Buenos Liberto fit you? Now you can remember it, because the legendary clothing firm returns to the market

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Buenos Liberto is back! Los models always adapted to current trends.The new collection reflects the spirit of the brand, as well as their very values, so you bet on quality clothes, according to the new trends and that it bemoda.

This makes me a little cut to confess it, but you do not know the illusion that this return makes me. The first shirt I bought on my own (without "daddies" having anything to do), with the money I had saved it was a green one with a huge indian - I've always loved cowboys and indians – in the center of Liberto. So i'm delighted.

Come back the usual models like Cody jeans, Norman pants or Arizona jackets, but with the stamp of today.

Starting this March, men will be able to acquire the new garments from the collection of primavera – verano, which includes different models of pants and shirts for each style. Women will have to wait a little longer, but in winter present exclusive collection for them.

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On your website, customers will be able to see the brand's collections and trends, as well as purchasing the products. Once the order is placed, in just two days they will have the lawsuit at home. Además, Buenos Liberto's garments will also be distributed in the main online sales portals.

About Buenos Liberto

buenos liberto (1)It is a signature of French-Spanish Texan clothing that was born in 1975 and in Spain it came in 1984. Initially he specialized in Texan clothing, but soon began to market other products such as t-shirts, Coats, shoes and even a cologne. Buenos Liberto always bet on high quality fabrics and processes, which led to a good reputation among consumers, what distinguished these pants for being the genuinely good ones.

Además, Buenos Liberto bet on innovation. In Spain, por ejemplo, was the first clothing brand to introduce Stone Washed pants, that are washed with pumice for a worn or old appearance. If you want to know more about the latest news from Buenos Liberto, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, o Youtube.