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Participo en la exposición ¿Qué me pongo? Brillas Mary's wardrobe by Pedro Rodríguez.

The complexity that involves the act of dressing is greater than what is perceived at first sight. The Design Hub Barcelona makes a reflection on one's own identity through exposure ¿Qué me pongo?, formed by fifty chosen wardrobe items Mary Brillas, all they created by Pedro Rodriguez, Sewing great master of the twentieth century.

Explains the center's exhibition honoring this designer and this figure style. Para ello, and in addition to the exhibits, se ha requerido a una serie de bloggers que expliquemos nuestro dilema a la hora de elegir nuestro atuendo en un momento importante.

When they contact me I felt proud and honored, and I thought I'd find an outfit that neither the royal wedding ... but after, I reflect on the true magnitude of exposure thought Why dress?

que em poso gafas

That's the first and last of reflection written which accompanied the image that I made available to the exhibition – con frase de Napoleón incluida. Si quieres verlo no tienes más que pinchar aquí. (por supuesto, accompanied by my gafas amarillas)

This image will be part of a mural that will be projected on screens in the Hall at the DHUB, in addition to its web and social networks, alongside the exhibition, valid until 28 of August. Sin duda, un honor!