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I am quite sure that these iconic garments men have gone through your closet but, You know where they come from? Here I tell her birth and how they came to become what they are today.

Mira, we are not going to cheat, there is still prejudice and people who still think that "men are basic when dressing«. Not only this assumption is increasingly questionable but that does not value the possibility that the man may have passion for clothes or moda «otherwise«. But it is a melon that if you want we can open another day. Today we have come to discover Iconic garments man who are part of the male wardrobe since time immemorial and have earned your site every day.

The well-known "closet ground"Also applies to men's fashion with these 5 elements that allow you to be prepared for any occasion. But what they are? Where do? Here I tell you:

A good jeans

Jeans (also known denim or jeans) are an American invention genuine. Towards the year 1870 Levi Strauss design, He drew up and patented pants durable enough for miners y cowboys from West. It used the denim (o denim, indigo) a material that ensures durability of the jeans and that would become the symbol of many social movements.

They may be present both in our daily lives and on special occasions because its wide variety means there is a model for every occasion, clear, dark, straight, widths, girded or broken, They fit (casi) all times!

Iconic garments man

We can find two brands that have made jeans are one of the iconic men's clothing, the aforementioned Levi's as the great classic, por supuesto, las Diesel clothing they have managed to renew offering hundreds of possibilities.

A shirt that feels good

Must explain little about the convenience of having a shirt that fits you well in the closet, ¿verdad? What you might not know is that the history of this garment goes back to ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire. By then, what it was called as a shirt had no buttons (originally I did not even have sleeves) and it was used as underwear. From the modern age its use has become increasingly popular and adapted the way we know it today.

We can find thousands of tissues, colores, prices and "concepts" and it would be impossible to single out a brand that has managed to make its emblems shirts, as dozens of them proposed as the foundation of their coleciones. to this day, which it is used as an informal pledge.

Iconic garments man

The semiformal attire thrilled Spielberg

A semiformal attire could not miss our list of iconic garments man who can not miss in your wardrobe. Even if you put it seldom you have to be always prepared! Perhaps ever ye shall have wondered about the origin of the tailored suit. I will tell it! Which they call "the more formal clothing in the closet of a man'As we know it installed in the fashion circuit in Victorian England (XIX century) although some historians find ancestor thereof from the XVII century

traditionally made up jacket, pants and vest, There are many types and variations tailored suit depending on the time. Passes as shirt, it is impossible to say a reference mark on the suits because you can choose multiple prices and ways to achieve: From go to Saville Road in London you do as to go to encajarte one with two separate pieces in Zara. For something a little higher but without losing your mind comes to mind, por ejemplo, Hugo Boss.

The comfort of a pole

White polo is, of the iconic men's clothing, perhaps the most recent in time. It was invented last century and its name comes from the eponymous sport. Is "shirt with greater range"Short sleeve and neck with buttons sand it used only to standardize Polo players and tennis but suddenly leaped use fashion and this way popularized, with various motifs, in many countries. The first cotton polo was invented in 1933 by René Lacoste to offer players more movement.

Certainly Lacoste clothing it would not be the same without being creators and loyal defenders of the pole as we know it. Ralph Lauren meanwhile is definitely also one of the most recognized firms in the market by its ubiquitous polo horse sometimes even a meme.

Iconic garments man - Polo

A cold parka parks

When I had to choose one iconic garments man who was outside I had some doubts. ¿Una bomber? A cloth coat? Crossed? Chupa leather? Certainly all are iconic enough to have your own list, if you want to establish another time. But in the end I opted for the parka, porque, regardless of fashions always we find some in stores.

The harsh winters of Arctic regions are the origin of this garment. While the original parkas were fashioned leather, from years 60, with the rise of culture mod and social movements this dress became popular and became more everyday fabrics designed but remained durable, waterproof and thermal.