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EL IGLÜ. Mercedes Barrutia. / merbarrutia /

And pardon my expression, but they understand and share with me my silent comment. The other day I went to Segovia a conference on research methodology in communication. The name sounded shortly entertaining symposium, igual que las ocho horas de trip. Para mi sorpresa, the event was exemplary and my stay there, how much less, rough.

zapatos mercedes

Under the aqueduct everything looks better. Even unwelcome comments of a five year old, till, fine as they come. The fact is that I had a fairly comfortable shoes, Shepherd style, como yo les decía cuando era pequeña y se pusieron de moda. Sitting on a Roman wall and enjoying a frozen yogurt, almost innocent hear a voice coming from below:

"Ugliest what shoes".

I did not give me the hint. But little more he refined Segovia and went straight to me:

"Mrs., you take a very ugly shoes ".

And I wonder, What's wrong with my shoes? They are brand cool way, Color seawater, I bought it for 29 €, a value that spring seems a reasonable price. Además, size 41 it is a real size 41, where the fingers are stretched and the foot is at home. They are comfortable, or an abrasion on the three day trip. Bueno, I miss talking to my possessions ...

"Mrs., you take a very ugly shoes ".

"And fuck the child"

pensé. But I, I educated through the efforts of my parents showed me dialogue:

"You do not like them?”,

I asked him.

“No, They are very ugly ".

He reiterated as if he had taken an elixir of truth. Fortunately for him, his mother stopped the conversation time with a resounding ...

“¡Sancho, do not tell that to Mrs.!”

Just a moment…. Ma'am?

"And what this string of expletives is due?”


The fact is that the child looked and said,,

"You, I forgive you because your name as my dog ​​".

And the boy, as if the elixir of happiness would have happened to ingest a Molotov cocktail, He started screaming like a tattered, He dropped to the ground and kicking between tears as my fist just repeated

"I have no dog name".

sancho panza

Yo I saw no harm in my comment (not as in other). And more, I do not see evil called my dog, Sancho Panza, I take and present you with taste. As the mother of my friend Marga says, "The best slap is not given". But laughing out loud in the face of someone no one has spoken.

The trouble is that while I enjoyed the anger of the child, me melted my frozen.