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Wishbuuk is a social e-commerce application that relates the desire to buy with friendship and the trend.

Alonso Colmenares and Vittorio Gerosa have launched wishbuuk, an application integrated in Facebook which allows users to create wish lists with their favorite items from any web in the world. This unique idea in Europe, has been developed entirely in Spain. It is based on the development of a new concept: el Smart Social Commerce (SSC).

wishbuuk™. The best gift is to get it right.

In actuality they have managed to retain 70.000 users and have more than 160.000 products from 2.500 e-commerce. Wishbuuk also has a team of 32 experts in 12 different categories that each day select and upload trending articles from each of these areas to the platform.

The objective is to respond to the demand to integrate ecommerce within social networks in a real and effective way. “After analyzing the market, the growth of social media and e-commerce, we saw that there was an opportunity for a platform that would allow, on the one hand, users share all the products they like with their friends in order to receive / give the perfect gift, y, por otro, hacer que los productos de las marcas circulen en un entorno social "unbranded", where they are not pushed by the firms but by the users themselves. De este modo, wishbuuk generates emotional return traffic to e-commerce sites with a higher chance of conversion. ", describes Alonso Colmenares.

The expectations, based on growth rate, point to the figure of 200.000 users at the end of the year. Ahora, with its new design, based on the opinions of users in its first months of life, it's more easy to visualize the perfect gift for your friends, remember birthdays, show products that may be of interest to you and, most importantly, be one click away from e-commerce offering the desired product, which facilitates the purchase process.

The application also works beyond Facebook, having a mobile app, wishbuuk Photo, found in both the Apple Store and the Play Store and that allows users to add items that they see in physical stores. Just take a photo and upload it to your wishbuuk list. These improvements have turned wishbuuk into a powerful market research and user / brand relationship tool..