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Kate Moss is discovered to use body double in some shots of her campaigns. Between these things and Photoshop they are destroying our illusions and the aspirational roll.

Creo que I've seen Kate Moss's toto more times than the tablecloth at home. They are two of those things that you have in front of you but you don't notice, by repetition.

doble kate moss

Now the news comes out that Kate Moss has a body double (click to discover more) for some campaigns… just, dog, understand: You are an international model, iconic, essential and that proposes a personality associated with an essence that defines you linked to a very specific image, but in the end, it's not you, is another.

It seems to me not just a lack of sincerity with the industry moda and with the final audience, if not a lack of personal integrity by the model, able to "impersonate" another girl's bodysuit and take credit.

Unless in this Stuart Weitzman campaign the Moss jump out of a building or make a fight scene worthy of Milla Jovovich, If that is not the case, It will seem like a complete fraud to me.

We don't want a cute but different face and body, we want a complete essence and with all its parts. We want kate, not a gorgeous twenty-something in a "mask". Or better yet, we want Kate to begin to be humble and make way for those twenty-something wonderful who are in the shade.

Fuck all the illusion that made me see her so great in the Saint Tropez ad… all a lie, how cruel is fashion! He lies to us every day and makes us believe things that are not nor that we can have! Ajam, drive…