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Take off Audrey arrives Lord of the Yellow Glasses!

Cuando hace algún tiempo escribí este post refiriéndome a la reapertura de la tienda de Chopard en Madrid tras su cambio de look no pensaba la agradable experience que me iba a reportar. I tell you ...

Desayuno con diamantes en Chopard Eclechico Gafas Amarillas (3)
Read article, Nothing more, nothing less, the Director of Communications and Public Relations of Chopard in Spain and Portugal, Helena Bermúdez. He told me that, He was amused that I made the analogy with a hypothetical breakfast in fine jewelry store emulando a una de las escenas míticas y más “fashionistas” del mundo del cine pero con una firma mucho más fresca y natural. Not idle wrote me personally to invite me to, whenever he wanted, was released in the new shop and live there with her breakfast. I replied surprised and flattered that he would loved to have breakfast in Chopard when to rise to Madrid. "But there is no cafeteria?” I asked my grandmother. "No woman, inviting us exclusively!”.Still, que glamour"With lyrics.

The last weekend have been in the capital and Friday morning, como no podía ser de otra manera, We were to carry out this exciting "Breakfast at Tiffany's in Chopard"With which he had dreamed of since I was proposed. I went with my photographer and friend Gema and there it met Helena She was waiting with glasses of champagne, cupcakes, croissants, blueberries, etc… We sat in the beautiful interior of the store and lazy days begin to talk about the firm, the new store, fine jewelry and watches.

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Helena explained firsthand the history of the firm and the people who shaped, como Caroline Scheufele, does not hesitate to bet on original and innovative creations decoupling stale concept high jewelry We associate all luxury brands. We talked about the presence of Chopard on red carpets around the world and how is responsible for making the Palme. We taught different and particularly sensational pieces inspired by animals that were performed by the 150 aniversario de Chopard – y que se anticiparon a la actual moda de la joyería animal. Also we talked of the pieces in watchmaking signature, for both men and women and we famously defined how watches are made, all pieces made by artisans and with incredible complications (moon phases, calendar, etc.)

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One of the things that made me more excited and I value greatly from such an important company like Chopard is that Helena was interested in what I thought about the brand, image and communication of the same. He asked questions to learn how the associated and that charláramos about communication and essentially moves abroad. This perfectly defined detail how brands really care about the opinions of others are achieving at their wishes.

Later we took a walk around the store itself for near pieces they have there. We see how the so-called Happy Diamonds sparkled - Diamonds that move "free" in the piece of jewelry, y que pronto os enseñaré en una divertida colección – ver los relojes de cerca y conocer el nuevo espacio de la tienda de Madrid al completo.

Para despedirnos nos tenían preparadas dos bolsitas con tres publicaciones – el bookImperiale Gastronomy"On" pairing "of fine jewelry with haute cuisine; “A Passion for Movement”, a catalog of male Watches Chopard where manufacturing and explains details; and a catalog of the firm as female jewelry and watches - along with a box of delicious chocolates, and we could not contain ourselves and that same night we ate at the hotel a couple.

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Sincerely, has been one of the most pleasant and intimate experiences of my life blogger! Of course we take several pictures and we could not resist to emulate the famous scene in the window as Audrey, pero con una galleta amarilla, por supuesto! Audrey take off that has come Señor de las Gafas Amarillas and breakfast has not beaten anyone!

Exquisite taste, Store both as dealing the truth is that I did feel like we were among friends and a cozy living room of a house rather than in a store. The real luxury is to feel comfortable and natural even surrounded by the most beautiful and certainly got what Helena and more than Chopard. Thanks.