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How to summarize in a post all sensations and feelings of 5 days in Ibiza with amazing people and live unique experiences? I'll try!

You know that I'm linked to long Cutty Shark, whiskey brand that highlights has kept me alive. ¡No! I don't speak for the "intense nights", but because with them I could discover New York recently embarcarme en una aventura en Ibiza dentro de su experience #Cuttybandistas where they can live for several days on a boat and learn about how well it stood bootleggers during Prohibition.

cuttybandistas 2015 barco 2

cuttybandistas 2015 estilismo 3

Several sailboats great length they traveled white traffic islands recalling whiskey illicitly supplying US during the prohibition era. This particular adventure kept secret communication line leading brand and style, where his story in years 20 and the prohibition of US has been the theme of his recent campaign. Los sailboats Cutty Sark They sailed for the third year celebrating offshore clandestine parties, where the main idea was to go back in time to break the prohibition in international waters, making the ship a "floating speakeasy" reminiscent of the boats Liners Manhattan bars opening their audience over the line of international waters.

cuttybandistas 2015 barco

cuttybandistas 2015 cueva

A tour of the most clandestine and unknown territories of the Balearic Islands, by secret caves where smugglers stored alcohol and traded goods, by places with a special magnetism. Offshore moorings based cocktails made with whiskey emulating years 20, the best sunsets and of course, the best company.

A "Green Schooner" called Alania – ecological operation – It has been our home for five days where we sailed , known different coves, made offshore parties, much toast with cocktails and "frozzens" with its splash of Cutty, laughed until his belly hurt and jaw or discuss life, digital influence and whatever nonsense we could think. If this experience in itself sounds good, imaginad shared with people that you fit quickly, fun, friendly and willing to have a great time It is very easy to suffer the syndrome camp very fast and make good friends!

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… Memories …

My closet in ruins. No, is not that the blogger "My closet in ruins" join us, es que a lo largo del trip hice grandes esfuerzos por ganarme su nombre. Soon after we begin to navigate my shoe went flying and he was lost at sea; that night the shirt worn decided to crack completely and I came home with some underwear and casual least for several reasons. Although I promise that I have behaved very well!

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Some of the outfits I've worn for the adventure

Pearl spoon. The food on the boat was based on local ingredients of the Balearic Islands and always had a green dot. Although we escaped one day to eat a good pizza. Eso si, there was not half-pearl spoon around the perimeter What? The real treat is not eating caviar, but to enjoy this great experience!

Virtual Power. Although I have been other times with people moving into the digital realm, I had never lived as such with influencers and that has made us to share many ideas. One thing that has surprised me, regardless of how great I thought Mellow, It is the passion that his followers towards it ... We commented on your photos, we were bouncing networks Now that's digital influence! Además, He has made some Chulis videos of our days there that you can see here. Día 1, Día 2, Día 3, Día 4, Día 5.

Fabuloso Hotel Pikes. One of the coolest discoveries of the island has been the Pikes Hotel Ibiza Rocks, where we spent two nights wild party, non-stop singing and dancing, even making something crazy - like swimming in the pool at night. A place where people from all walks enjoying the rhythm of rock music regardless of status or rank. A place where anything can and should happen and that certainly is a milestone in the Ibiza night especially if you want to escape the makineo.

cuttybandistas 2015 pikes hotel 2

The girl Bangs and hidden among the celebrity of Pikes Hotel.

cuttybandistas 2015 pikes1 cuttybandistas 2015 pikes hotel gafas amarillas

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cuttybandistas 2015 pikes hotel

#Venezuelan. Speaking in Venezuela has been a must on this trip. They kept! With the subsequent drama that is given to all, sometimes it seemed that we were in a telenovela completely. To me that does not leave me and I have enough with my preferred watering Andalusian accent funny all by hashtag.


Although we were going around 20 digital influencers (bloggers, twitter, youtubers ...) I made special connection with a team of apprentices to cherish life this trip as something that united us:

Captain Yellow Mellow #Tengo20Megas

The full Cecilia The Girl bangs #NoSinMiSecador

The conqueror of Fran BowTieBlue #PerreoNeverEnds

The talkative Carlos Arnelas #ArnyTodo

Dew adventurous Woman Word #Saboteada

El marchoso Charlie Cole de Glamour Narcótico #PartyMaster

The patient Rachel Romantic & Chic #Free Total

The elegant Volley Unbuttoned #SeñorArcoiris

William unexpected Eating people understand #PizzaGourmet

cuttybandistas 2015 grupo

Thanks guys for a wonderful day! Thanks Cutty Shark (and his team) to do that this summer has been one of the most special of my life. Thanks for putting up ship's crew and join us, for teaching me to lower the sails. And thanks smugglers "fight" for the party never stops, even if there is swell.

Here I made a short video summary of the "look and feel" of our trip I hope you like!