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A test of self-improvement by which I intend not buy clothes for 200 days - in principle - and change my own conception of clothing and fashion.

We almost a week hearing of the Diet Shopaholic, (read the news here). Following this Canadian journalist who decided not to buy clothes for a year and go telling it through his drawings, with the idea of desintoxicarse, promote creativity and give a new value to clothing Yet the moda itself ... has created a controversy in the fashion world and it has become famous Platform "The Great American Apparel Diet”.

After a few days mulling over the head .... "You would be able?” Commenting peer and friends "If we can not buy clothes, what is left?” or even with family "You can cut it with you a little online would be sufficient"Said my mother.

I'm joining - my way - the project to be a while without buying but since I dare not say firmly what full year, I have decided to minimum 200 days without buying clothes.

The start date has been el 1 de septiembre de 2012 (ya sabéis, September is the new January) and according to my calculations period 200 days will end on 19 March 2013. Almost seven months. The idea is not that day throw me like crazy to stores, but then, I have learned to appreciate some more clothes and discover my needs to face a new period in the consumption of textile.

According to the American platform, this allowed the purchase of underwear, Shoes and accessories. In my case, as I have to hand shoes, I decided to also limit these elements. I can only buy underwear and "technique or specific" (for sport or if I need it for some special reason and what is specific for a particular dress required, costume, temperatures, etc…) Ah! And winter boots daily, last year I broke my own and I can not go round in flip flops!

I tell you this new experience del Señor de las Gafas Amarillas as a form of reassurance and I have decided this issue, besides being quite round, why like that It forces me to live where they really decisive moments willpower be demonstrated, discounts, change of season, Maison Martin Margiela H para&M…

What I intend to achieve with this?: Much of the news they blame the crisis and savings. Although it never hurts to save, in my case, I do not consider myself wasteful, no it is both an economic issue, but rather psychological. I want to prove to myself that I am able to avoid all day and need more thought me I realize that you need and that I should learn to take advantage. also I intend to encourage my resources recycling clothes or new combinations seeking him. But I do not combine to cop (“People will not even how much they repeat"- Citing the information of"The Great American Apparel Diet” with a reflection that I find it quite frivolous) but to exploit my talent and my style.

For other views on this issue I recommend articles as interesting as Cameron (The Devil wears Zara) where I paraphrase a brilliant paragraph ... "What do you want me to say, These rules are a roll. No impulse buying, without that you get along without prove late because you see your way through the box, without that skirt it is super close you but for which you promise yourself lose a couple of kilos to be divine (and you know you never will), Where grace is?” . Although she sees little need if not a disease, my leads me to understand and propose many things ... I also liked the Anita operation closet Fried Potato Cameron recommended that in its own article.