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The Lord of the Yellow Glasses off the screen to become mannequin with Harper & Neyer in Granada

This mark moda Malaga-born men wanted to count on me to make the window of his shop autumn Granada. After meeting with the management team of the firm it moved from headquarters to convey the brand philosophy and essence of their collections, I could see the collection and think about how I wanted to approach it.

H&N tore through online sales and, thanks to the initial reception, He ventured later in the assembly of a small warehouse.  They are currently in various multibrand stores and have outlet in Málaga, Sevilla, Granada and continue to open stores «slowly but surely». H&N has made social networks are its real springboard.

Harper & Neyer Granada (3)

It was an arduous task… ¿How to represent how versatile and varied this site is – and how eclectic I am –  in a static figure? The solution: detalles.Decidí is a matter of inspiration from my passion for travel and build the image of a man youre able to enjoy a great city, a smaller one or even the field ¡Prepared to enjoy those moments that mix intensity and relaxation when you go on a trip! It was important to me that many products are seen in the window – I was going to spend a lot of minimalism – and I think: ¿When there's more noise at home than when you're packing a suitcase? Zapatos, complementos, varieties options, We all loved the show in this (casi) scenography.

Harper & Neyer Granada (1)

And as a final detail, the brand wanted to include a “mask of my mask” and printed the illustration of Johan Andreu that characterizes me so that the inspiration Gafas Total Yellow out. Thanks to Harper & Neyer by this proposal as interesting and funny and Juani, de H&N Granada for trusting me and letting go to spend a great afternoon and I think it has paid off – ¡The beige safari jacket I chose is about to run out!

Here you can see a video of my experience Dáyari. ¡Espero que os guste!