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This year was the first time I have risen to the fashion week in Madrid, Merche A.K. Cibeles. He was eager, illusion without any invitation to parade Ifema.

Yet I said to myself - I'm talking to myself - "Manu, climb and enjoy the weekend. Learn all this and take the opportunity to relax and change of scenery”. Ni corto ni perezoso engatusé a Gema, my best friend and good photographer, to spend a weekend in Madrid. Surrounded by a marked kitsch air at the hostel where we stayed we have faced and polar used this time to learn firsthand the MBFWM, the first year hybrid between gateway and dealer.

Today I will not tell you things about the shows or proposals next I invest; but transferred the experiences and feelings I've had in this, my first visit to Cibelespacio.

And you who you are? An unforgivable failure: Como ya os comenté si me habéis leído en Twitter, como soy muy tonto se me olvidaron en Granada mis icónicas glasses amarillas y por tanto mi seña de identidad fundamental así que se podría decir que acudí a Cibelespacio de incógnito… If that ever happens, you forget the most important!

To go on to the pack?: Incredible gregarious atmosphere, even sectarian, that was felt as far as "personalities" and styles. You could distinguish perfectly herds preppys, the Londers, of modennos, of gayers, de seventies o de ladys…. No one doubts that the most marked trends are followed and that all that we turn them feel interest, but I found much more "feign"Than even figured. Everything facade and pretend? Where you are going to discover new things?

¿Glamour or work?: It is clear that feeds the aspirational Cibelespacio feeling but we must not forget that Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid is a public display, internacional y real de un amplio trabajo de creadores o equipo. Everything was anchored in a sense of "luxury" and some "frivolous" where
It should breathe professionalism of a very important sector in Spain. The most interesting thing for me - for my training - was the press area and bloggers where he was working. You also have to have a good time but ... Queuing for a glass of water, without regard to broadcasting the parade, de verdad tiene algo que ver con nuestra moda?

Un showroom fantástico: Great space dedicated to novice or emerging designers, where you can find true revelations and innovations - ideas, design and creation - of Spanish fashion. Should be further enhanced, and the ego.

Meet and re - found: I found it a great place for meetings and re.encuentros. Sin duda, ever seeing Carmen Milowcost o Almudena de Moda es todo lo que pasa de moda ha sido un placer. I was looking forward to meeting many more references in this area; I promise that the next time that will leave me at home shame, no spectacles!

What's under the carpet? Does this set by mere carpet glamor? I do not believe it. It is to hide footprints and "remnants" that the thousands of visitors are leaving. It is curious detail that Gema was set to leave the smoking area, where swirling fluff, synthetic hair or loose sequins at the corners and steps ... Beware, do not go to despiezaros in MBFWM!

Five cents of discord: On a catwalk as this week with the polar cold invading Madrid What to do with the shelter to get to Cibelespacio? Keep in the closet! Good idea until you discover that the wardrobe costs, very concretely, 1.65€ per item. This time do not come to complain about expensive, but it's funny the realization detail (no 1.50€ o 2€. Son 1.65€). Who the rate and why those deemed necessary 5 Key cents!? As for those damn five centimes I had to change a ticket for 20 €!!

Absolut shows: Another highlight was the showcase space with or elaborate creations inspired by the philosophy of my vodka ever prefe .... and how not?, had to leave things as bangin how are you ...

In short a molona experience but I have quite clear: La Next time I go if I'm going to see a parade, because I can go without my picture on a mercedes, design a shirt for Vogue, que Víctor Blanco me haga una crítica blandita y amable al styling – no subí que me dio corte pero imagino lo que habría dicho – or take out a 7.9 Analyzer in style with the phrase "simple but elegant". Thanks salao!

Fotos (and designer): Gema Reyes Vico