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These are the 6 shoe brands indispensable for anyone passionate about fashion - and is in his thirties - should ever have in your life.

Although the shoes were considered a single element that was consistent with a sports outfit in the past, now things are a little different. Be they have become an essential in the world of style and moda! Their variety of styles, diseños, colors and unbeatable comfort and versatility offered for use with all kinds of outfits, They have made them an essential accessory in the wardrobe of more than one. But not only among the youngest of the pack! No doubt the thirtysomething, club where I'm going puntito, also they want - and should - be fantastic muncho sneakers.

But to clear things up between this boom zapatilleril, I selected 5 brand expert in this field should tread (or having stepped or step into the future) Shoemaker someone who lives the "adolestreinta" fervently. In addition to 4 mythical brands, I wanted to make a nod to our doing at home and include 2 national brands also I consider essential. Sin duda, in this review you will find shoes that fill with nostalgia to remember that you have accompanied the path steadily, although over time will continue to be a fashion icon, And you can put tomorrow!

6 marcas de zapatillas imprescindibles para la adolestreinta (1)

Nike: Although the years pass, the versatility offered by this brand redesigns make the Nike sports a favorite around the world. Por ejemplo, Nike Cortez model is not the best selling of all time, but it has earned a place among the most iconic for us out a smirk with its retro-urban style that is and will remain trend. I'm sure walking through the most modern areas in each city you come across a couple of them certainly carried by a proud thirtyish.

Adidas: Another clear example that loves fashion is Adidas shoes, which they are also the most iconic and have managed to keep over time despite significant changes in trends. This mark shows boldest different designs and colors. Some of the most famous Adidas models for our audience of this article - and have even inspired the younger – They are the iconic Gazelle, launched in the years 60, whose design maintains its essence and versatility. Nor can we forget Stan Smith model that makes hard time to time.

6 marcas de zapatillas imprescindibles para la adolestreinta (4)

New Balance: These sneakers hit the market at a time when sports garments are only used for sports, the New Balance were very popular in the 80, but with the changes in trends they declined slightly. But to the surprise of many the New Balance returned to establish itself as one of the best shoes that combine excellent features with a casual look for day to day. Impossible not to see "adoletreintañeros" with them butt.

Converse: Zapatillismo icon par excellence could not miss between these essential shoes for adolestreinta. Always they have been linked to more youthful and urban environments, but he has managed to become a staple able to join us l throughout life. At about the huge number of variables that make you find what adds, siempre, your perfect Converse.

essential shoes for adolestreinta (Spanish)

Mustang: This is one of the leading brands and vanguards of our history. Founded in Spain in 1967, He decided to offer a very striking and innovative design - compared to what is offered in our country at the time - not forgetting the great comfort and good quality, And not forgetting the latest fashion trends! Sin duda, many people feel identified with Mustang shoes and that is why it remains one of the header brands fail to see in the windows of stores multibrand most recognized.


J’Hayber: It is impossible not to move to childhood when we see a shoe J'Hayber in any store, the truth is that they were unique and were characterized as the most durable and resistant. Olympus was a classic model in the early 80. Although it disappeared in the 90, the shoes have turned JHayber 2015 to stay and get a place among the most iconic. (You can see some styling mine with them in my section Estilo Diario).

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