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Aquí os present the Italian brand GuidoMaggi. They are shoes with spikes handmade free to raise your style!

I recently wrote GuidoMaggi friends to prove his elevator shoes. I did not know the brand but to investigate it a little I found very interesting and I wanted to try. I I'm passionate about zapatos of course I agreed to incorporate some of their models in my closet!

Os cuento, It is a mark of Italian luxury but with the peculiarity that manage to increase the stature of those who wear shoes. Yes sir! It is one of the firms elevator shoes with more variety of models on the market.

I chose lthe models Sahara (595€) , one sneaker suede more urban and daily; and model 5th Avenue (798€), a much more elegant and sophisticated black leather boot. In this video review I created for the occasion we can see the two models that I have at home more detail. Dentro vídeo:

sobre GuidoMaggi

GuidoMaggi is a specialist brand shoes with hidden to help increase height increases but without losing the style and comfort. Explains Emanuele Briganti, the CEO of GuidoMaggi: «They are the result of my desire to be higher, plus the tradition of making quality shoes in my family«.

Each pair of shoes is handmade with the best materials, using a variety of innovative techniques for fit and finish high-end. Whether casual, Sneakers, formal, tuxedo or even for grooms, The shoes to be higher GuidoMaggi will help you get "higher your style"!

This company, besides serving internationally through its online store, features 3 physical showrooms in Lecce, Milan and Tokyo. The Guidomaggi shoes are very popular among Japanese!