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The wedding period arrives and we find ourselves with doubts, ¿What shoes do I wear for weddings that are not entirely traditional or with different settings??

Going to a wedding is always a special moment., an event where every detail counts and each item of clothing for the guests makes the difference between a wedding to remember or a party with friends (that both are valid ehh!). Currently, every time we see more weddings with an original and different touch and the dress codes must be adapted to it. men's shoes for weddings are a point that should not be neglected and that must be carefully chosen to have a look single that makes you the best possible guest.

If you have an invitation on the table with a somewhat original plan and you have doubts about which men's shoes for weddings you should choose for that event below, We give you some advice so that you become the perfect guest in 3 very different scenarios:

Men's shoes for a beach wedding

inside originality, It is one of the most repeated wedding proposals. A beach wedding is a light event, based on transferring a romantic and unique moment for the couple to an idyllic setting where the sun and the sea are witnesses of that link.

Men's shoes for weddings

As such, Going to a wedding in this environment also requires a «light clothing», where linen gains a special role. Cotton is also a very suitable candidate to dress according to the occasion but trying to make it low-grammage..

The most appropriate colors to attend a beach wedding, both for the clothes and for the shoes are the white and sand tones that combine perfectly with the warmth that this environment evokes, They also transmit freshness, being very comfortable if the entire event takes place under the sun.. You can also opt for darker tones such as black or brown if it is at sunset as long as the guests do not have to spend a lot of time exposed to the sun, since in that case these dark tones can be somewhat uncomfortable. But of course everything with a relaxed touch….

¿and what shoes? Men's shoes for beach weddings they must gather a serie of features. A comfortable shoe is highly recommended since, after all, the guests will have to remain on the sand of the beach during practically the entire event.. Si, They are also light and breathable, the choice is much more accurate.

  • An ideal type of shoe for this type of wedding is sandals.. ¡but beware! ¡Not everyone is worth! Opting for leather or leather models will add that note of unique elegance that combines perfectly with the type of clothing and the shades mentioned above for this type of wedding.. Type sandals should be avoided. slip on and bet on the Roman and buttoned models, that are more elegant and also more comfortable.
  • Loafers provide a casual look, ideal to enjoy the sun during a bond. They can be perfectly combined with shorts or shorts, according to him look that you decide to wear in this event. En este caso, forget about traditional leather loafers and turn to suede or natural fiber models. You can find them with brooches, tassels or even type «clogs» detached.
  • Boat shoes provide comfort and firmness during use, so they are highly recommended to spend time on the beach. Some nautical shoes that combine with the garments that make up your look They will allow you to feel at ease throughout the event.
  • In the case of choosing basic lace-up shoes we have to take into account that it is appropriate in this situation. That they can go without socks and that the sand does not harm them. Its comfort is based on the support that the laces offer against the irregularities of the sand that must be stepped on and its intrinsic elegance make this style of shoe a very interesting option to attend a wedding near the sea..

Men's shoes for a country wedding

Weddings in the countryside have become a trend in recent years. Enjoying the outdoors on that special day is a unique and surprising experience that many couples decide to take advantage of.. If you are invited to this type of event where nature offers its best plan to toast the couple, you must take into account a series of notions to become a high-class guest.

A point to take into account are the colors that are most suitable for your clothing in this social act. It is very suitable opt for blue or green tones as they combine perfectly with the environment and will allow you to integrate into the environment. The raw tones are also very flattering since they evoke a natural point that cannot be missing in those attending this type of ceremonies..

¿and the shoes? Los Men's shoes for weddings in the countryside that complement your look They must be comfortable and prepared for the terrain since, after all, you will not be in a closed room, but in an outdoor environment where comfort gains a special role.

  • An interesting choice are the country boot type shoes. In brown tones they are very flattering and can be perfectly combined with the type of pants that will make you an elegant and distinguished guest..
  • some moccasins They constitute a type of shoe that never disappoints in this type of situation. The variety of colors in which they can be found make them a very versatile option.. If you opt for blue loafers, they will have that something special that you are looking for for this event., try not to be too serious, been that they have a relaxed touch..
  • Another type of shoe that can also be combined with the most appropriate style of clothing for a country wedding they are the urban shoes. Made of lightweight materials, provide firmness and comfort so that every moment of that special day is unforgettable.
  • Depending on the style set by the bride and groom for their wedding guests, inThese espadrilles can be a very interesting choice. They are suitable for looks less sophisticated, fresher and lighter while adding that elegant touch that every wedding needs.
  • If the type of wedding allows some Suede Boat in earth color They can be a wise choice since they provide comfort and a different point of distinction.

Shoes for a wedding in the city

A wedding with a cosmopolitan touch can be considered a more traditional wedding than those discussed above.. It is usually held in a hall (although there may be parts in gardens) where the guests can share with the couple that unique moment in their lives.

En este caso, Men's shoes for weddings in the city must be in keeping with the type of wedding. The most classic bride and groom will choose to ask their guests to meet certain clothing requirements, while the most modern will leave a little more freedom to your guests in terms of clothing.

  • In the case of having to go to a wedding with classic touches, it is very flattering to opt for an elegant suit. En este caso, the shoes must keep the level of the suit. Some leather dress shoes they are a very wise choice.
  • They are also very suitable dark lace-up shoes to provide that note of sophistication that every guest needs.
  • In the case of having to attend a slightly less classic wedding, you can choose some elegant loafers.