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When we talk about the wardrobe, we always forget to also talk about "Shoemaker's background" and there are shoes that never go out of style and that should be an essential part of our wardrobe.

As with certain garments that are used for "both a torn and an unstitched", there are shoes that are always ready to solve your styling. Models that do not go beyond moda and that the same help you in your day to day so you do not have to think a lot or they get you out of a hurry on a day that you don't know what to wear. These models of shoes or sneakers always manage to fit into any look and season after season they are still there giving it their all.

That is why I wanted to join RSK shoe stores to define a list of 5 shoes that never go out of style, They will not pass! En RKS online shoe stores offer the largest catalog of shoes and sneakers from the best brands and at the best price, so it is the perfect place to get them and have your shoe rack always ready. And the best thing is that these models are suitable for both boys and girls (por supuesto, each one with their size :-P).

  • Ankle boots: Some ankle boots are essential in our shoe rack. Whether you are a man or a woman, you have a low booty shoe (that covers the ankle) it is always a sure hit. They look great with jeans and are comfortable and warm. They can be with laces, with elastic or even with a wide ankle to put the foot but the support they offer makes it a very comfortable bet without losing style. They can be with military roll, minimalist, skin, suede or even "sock" model but they will undoubtedly be your faithful companions on a walk.
  • Converse: There are hundreds of brand names that have already entered the dictionary as a sign of popular clamor, the same goes for the Converse shoe model, Its iconic shape has seen it be copied a thousand times and establish itself as a footwear category on its own. What if, they are also invited to our «shoemaker fund». There is no doubt that if they have not gone out of style in their more than 40 years of life, They won't soon! That is why having a converse model sneaker is always a sign of being prepared for what may happen..
  • Loafers: Some flat shoes, comfortable and "More or less to dress", it certainly sounds essential in our wardrobe., ¿verdad? You can also go nautical with a cowboy or even use them in a more formal way with chinos or a suit., the important thing is to be able to play with the variety of materials or "roll" that we can find in them. That makes loafers a great idea to have in the closet.
  • Strappy sandals: When the heat arrives boys fall in love We are looking forward to freeing our feet and that is why sandals could not be missing in this list of 5 shoes that never go out of style. They are used summer after summer without interruption since the Roman Empire, So imagine its effectiveness! They can be super simple or with dozens of crosses, There are models that can go up to the knee and others that with a single strap have enough. All these options make them a versatile option and capable of adapting perfectly to your tastes and needs..
  • Walking sneakers: The wonderful world of sneakers has come to our shoemakers to stay. Thousands of brands have created perfect models to combine sports style with urban style, which allow us to use shoes not only for sports, but in our day to day. News Balance's success, Vans, Adidas or Nike in their more walking models have made sneakers a safe bet to have in the closet and all other brands have joined the hype creating sports models for day to day. Finding the one you like the most and having it in your closet augurs a good future shoe for you.

Foto de portada Leo Griffith on Unsplash.