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Prensa, interviews, collaborations… This page is a place where teaching self gratification "where I left 'and what people have molado you…

Para empezar… aquí puedes descubrir todas las experiencias que he vivido con marcas o eventos contadas en primera persona. Y ahora un listado de sitios que me han entrevistado, acciones que he realizado con marcas o momentazos vividos en Redes Sociales…. ¡Sacando mi vena celebrity! ;)



Interview in Granada Digital

They invited me to a live interview on GranadaDigital. Here you can see both the video and the article that they dedicated to me about what I commented in the talk. You already know how gratifying it is to be a bit of a prophet in your land!

Woman Today

I have been a permanent collaborator of Mujer Hoy since December 2019. Here it is my author page and you can see all my publications.

Podcast: In your house and in mine

The Marketing Expert, Esti Rizos interviewed me on one of her programs on podcast "In your house and in mine". Half an hour of talk in which we talk about marketing, de influencers, of my history and life in general… You can listen to it here (Spotify)

Huffington Post

A comment from me on Twitter, in relation to the Minister of Science Pedro Duque and his curious decoration at home during an interview with Ana Pastor, and Huffington Post decided to make it a news story. You can see it here.

Cof on the Cauch

The great Kaco Forns has a video podcast specialized in cannabis and marijuana. He invited me to participate in one of them dedicating the program to moda and the vine style that revolves around cannabis fashion. I did not give a single one in the question and answer section but we had a few laughs. Puedes verlo aquí.


Collaborator in ICON

I had the pleasure of being a contributor to the November issue of ICON magazine. National circulation, I did my bit talking about a new model of sneakers from the English brand Jimmy Choo.


Thanks to my training in marketing and fashion I have been able to become a professor of different Master's degrees and Conferences. Por ejemplo, I have been a permanent professor in the Master of Fashion Marketing at ESCO Granada for three years. You can see interviews of me about my presence there aquí.

I have also been a teacher in private centers such as the CFI Reina Isabel in Granada or participated in public training as a Speaker at the INFOMODA conference..



The platform includes me Zaask wishlist 11 blogs that reflect the man of the XXI Century. ¡Gracias!

The Social Media Family

Agency communication and social networks, The Social Media Family He includes me in his article about influencers in the section “influencers less conventional male«.


In order to write an article on fashion trends at Christmas, Web infoactualidad asked me advice as to masculine style for the holidays including my recommendations. It happened again this style face consultation in spring.


Top blogger and 20 minutes

This list portal 20 minutes included me among one of the 5 best menswear bloggers. (Reader feedback)

Zankyou wedding

"The wedding magazine else leida of the world" includes me among "Los 8 male fashion bloggers should not lose sight for your wedding"And defined as trendsetters in the network Thank you!

Viceroy campaign

In October 2015 He campaigned with the watch and jewelery brand Viceroy. La web Marketing 4 Ecommerce Viceroy my collaboration appointment and Laura Garrido.

VNewsAgencia – Metro Pilar Dalbat

Appearance in the story on the underground collection of Pilar Dalbat In Granada, reviewing the use of singular spaces.

Blog Masculino Low cost

I named in FormenBlog from one of the Spanish bloggers noted for mixing low cost.

Interview on "The Best of despeina life"

The blog "The best of life ruffles"Mariló Nieto me entrevista

Appearance in the web of Opticalling

echo of an article – colaboración.

Comentarios sobre Eurovisión

Con motivo de Eurovisión 2015 citan mis tweets en webs como El Mundo, Telecinco y VerTele

Entrevista El Salón TG7

Interview on "The Salon" of Granada Television TG7. (a partir del minuto 19)

MFSHOW Women Madrid

Me entrevistan en la retransmisión oficial de MfShow Woman Madrid. Febrero 2015. (A partir del minuto 02:34:00)

Entrevista en Marvel Crowd

Sympathetic Crowd Marvel interview about my story and my opinion about being Influencer. http://marvelcrowd.com/gafas-amarillas-entrevista-fashion-blogger-masculino/


Me citan en un artículo de Fashionísima, which they include a graphical realziada for me on the last campaign Moschino. http://fashionisima.es/2015/01/otro-desastre-del-photoshop-la-campana-primaveraverano-2015-de-moschino.html


La Voz de Granada

Espacio semanal – los viernes sobre las 18h – where I make fashion news and features in the Magazine "La Voz de la Tarde"La Voz de Granada with Encarni Prieto. Puedes escuchar todos los podcast aquí.

El Vestidor de Fortuny

Created and managed the blog fashion and trends within Granadaimedia called "The Dressing Room of Fortuny" in honor of the designer Granadino. http://elvestidordefortuny.granadaimedia.com/

BFace Magazine

Colaborador de la sección de Moda de la revista online Bface Magazine. Puedes ver todos mis artículos aquí. http://www.bfacemag.es/author/gafasamarillas/

Entrevista Programada EnRed de RTVA

Blog colaborador IV Jornadas de Blogs de Moda en el Museo del Traje.

During the Fourth Conference of Fashion Blogs held at the Museum of Costume I attended as collaborator blog conducting interviews with some of the speakers. You can see it by clicking here.

Visita Showroom de Buenos Liberto en Barcelona – Mayo 2014


El Salón (TG7 Granada) – Martes, 29 de abril 2014

Fiesta Cargo de Cutty Sark en Nueva York – Abril 2014

Entrevista Marsy Luna Blog – Abril 2014

http://marsyluna.com/entrevista-a-eclechico-glasses-Yellow-marsy-moon /

Entrevista Chic&Fit – Abril 2014


Entrevista Paperblog – Abril 2014


He sido doblado por la genial Desahogada!

Descubriendo Nissan Qashqai en Madrid – Enero 2014

Presentador Flash Talks de las Jornadas de Blogs y Medios de Granada durante 2012 , 2013 y 2014.

yellow glasses blogs and media


Review Blogs a la Moda – Octubre 2013


¿Quién dijo que no se podía brindar con agua? – Solán de Cabras. Septiembre 2013

Entrevista Bloggomoda – Septiembre 2013


Appearance of a tweet on Grazia Magazine Fashion Duel! – Mayo 2013

yellow glasses Grazia magazine


Nominación Blog del Año por la Revista Iam Here

Blog of the Year

Interview "Through the mirror" – Octubre 2012

Entrevista Look& B – Enero 2012



Entrevista en Influenzia – Noviembre 2011


El Imperdible (Canal 21) – Octubre 2011

Entrevista en Diario IDEAL Granada – Agosto 2011

Ideal interview 31811

Guía Go Granada – Septiembre 2011


Entrevista Granada Digital – Julio 2011


Entrevista Life Behavior – Julio 2011


¿Qué me pongo? -Participación en una exposición del Museu del Disseny de Cataluña. Abril 2011


I wear barcelona

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