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The yellow you know that is a fundamental color in this blog ... and growing trends and Why not integrate it into our homes?

Citrus colors can become good allies when it comes to give life to our house. When creating a fresh and dynamic environment at home, los colores cítricos (in this case we speak yellow, naranja y lima) perfectly in charge of that function, innately providing vitality and energy.

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The colors are not only based on a nicely decorated interior and exterior spaces. Through the same, sand can convey a feeling or sensation, besides having the ability to provide a climate each determined to stay, that is why that influence our mood and our business while remaining in them.

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Here I give four keys and tips for "optimal use" of these colors in home stays. What better than recommended by the Lord knows how to combine the yellow better than almost anyone! (Except for Agatha Ruiz de la Prada is the Master).

– The importance of white ceiling: If we choose, por ejemplo, lemon yellow tone to the walls of the room chosen, It will be essential to leave the ceiling white; not only to avoid saturating, but also to bring about a broader effect and luminosity. And if we look moldings or roof? They can become a game of contrasts very original but also a little dangerous because the original paint of another color or bold result, but could subtract visual space.

– Combine colors and decorative elements cunningly: Citrus colors are good allies of neutral colors based on the counterpoint and shock. The walls in lime green combined with sofas and armchairs in ivory offer a pleasing composition by mixing the warm tones. By way of auction, We can add some furniture in a bright color, as well as cushions and rugs, giving a harmonious and pleasing result. Remember encourage Small details unsaturated!

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– Highlighting elements of decoration: What if what we want is a strike impact? Focuses attention only a wall painting in the desired color citric. It is an ideal place to locate and highlight a beautiful furniture that will have special appreciation formula. Por ejemplo, one wooden cabinet in walnut is well highlighted with a yellow background.

– Piérdele fear of orange: One of the colors in the decoration denostados historically - except 60 - It has been the orange (no, Salmon do not speak or copper, Orange but as such). But this color provides the warmth of red and yellow cheerful brightness. If you played skillfully with the colors orange, blue and green, the result is ideal for a second residence hall summer, for a terrace, o well, for items and garden accessories. For bedrooms, orange blends perfectly with different shades of blue, such as the Navy, cobalt blue or turquoise. And nothing better to create a warm atmosphere, to combine the lime green and orange with other green hues, including elements in blue tones.

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Tip final: Citrus tones are ideal for public spaces, and favoring interpersonal relations and facilitate the dialogue, providing clarity to stays.

In the web of furniture and decoration products Westwing We find variety of ideas that help define these details. And I liked the concept of travel without leaving home, because with these citrus colors we will feel like in a Nordic country where these color combinations are the order of the day. Así que ya sabes, Yellow decorating is not only possible, but it is also fun.

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