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El tiempo entre costuras elegancia (2)

Between screens, stitches and patterns of trade moves Crazy, the protagonist of "The time between seams", an exciting series that glamor, political conspiracies, opportunistic types and refugees aimlessly meet to move to a turbulent period in Spain.

El tiempo entre costuras elegancia (4)It is not only written in a splendid prose novel, but thanks to the series has become an icon of sophistication and elegance in what concerns the moda. The costumes both Sira, like the rest of the characters is one of the most important pillars, the styles are very careful and most garments are made to measure and made with fabrics from all over Europe.

All prints, polka dots and flowers which are reflected in the clothes give a touch as vintage and retro. Baby necks, pencil skirts, flowery blouses, silk combinations, long dresses, skin ... humble Sira sets that made an innocent girl and more attractive if fit. Moreover headdresses were always going to play with dresses, up gloves and costume jewelery, all in accordance.

El tiempo entre costuras elegancia (1)Within ins, turban was one of the most sophisticated, was something very simple, but it managed to give a lot of personality to the look.

Ms. Quiroga has evolved the way they dress, As he climbed the social status positions, He has been introducing new fabrics, new patterns and new cuts.

In one episode, It can be a perfect recreation of the legendary Fortuny Delphos, big ears and big decision in the sense that each of the characters.El tiempo entre costuras elegancia (3)

It encompassing fashion and welcomes the best of all time, in our hand is power take it all, no go "disguised”. At this time you can take what you like from all previous epochs, everything is able to adapt to trends and always stay with this phrase: "Fashion always returns".

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