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Man breasts, man boobs… ¡call it what you want but don't make it a problem! Here are some tips and tricks to disguise fashion.

First of all I want to make clear meridian from this blog always advocates love each other as each is and that you can be proud and show off your breasts butt man. Even so, I know it's an issue that concerns many men and that is why I wanted to make this post with some ideas to disguise man breasts (colloquially known with English term «man boobs»).

¿The term gynecomastia rings out to you? It is a disproportionate increase in male breast. It is much more common than is usually thought and are unfortunately many men who suffer. Although mentally done, in fact it is not associated with the weight of the person who suffers (there are very thin men with prominent breasts). This physical feature makes uncomfortable, insecure and even losing self-esteem. There is the possibility of a aesthetic operation gynecomastia to reduce breast volume by removing the excess glandular.

¿How can visually hide man's breasts?

There are many articles that propose rsports and nutritional utinas to counter man breasts pero ¿And the moda?  Of course it can also help to reduce the visual impact posed on male aesthetics. In the world of men's fashion eT here garments or small tricks styling to help eliminate or visually hide man breasts. But let the mess. The idea is to show that anyone suffering from this disease can use a variety of clothing, follow a style or just wear the latest.

If what worries you, in addition to breast volume, is that you they mark the nipples too much I advise you to visit the post I have written about it:  (Short) Fashion guide to conceal men's nipples.

Base: "specialized" garments”

There is specific clothing to disguise as man breasts shirts called compression. In the market we can find a variety of models, colores, trademarks and designs. Sin duda, one of the best solutions to meet the complex and to lead a carefree life. Además, these shirts not only hide this excess breast tissue, but overall body fat. Let's say they are “male girdles” that squeeze and mold the areas that may concern us the most. They are a fairly direct appeal but often the convenience absent.

man breasts conceal (shirts compressors)

The basics: “allied” garments”

It also helps to disguise the man boobies slightly baggy clothes and not too viscous materials. De esta forma, adjusted to take no chest, or be of a moldable fabric this, will dissimulate easily gynecomastia. You can too wear shirts dark tones with open shirts, slightly thickened, above, because the combination of both tissues will go unnoticed man breasts.

Vests are another interesting interesting option as they focus on the area that we cover disguise. They are perfect because they are usually slightly rigid materials and also give you a touch dandy will make you feel more secure and forget about the complex, since these will be completely hidden.

man breasts conceal (estilismos 2)

Nor should we forget something as important as it is precisely the colors. Men who have marked man boobs – and want to hide them – They should use dark colors. While the black or dark blue make us thinner, also they hide small cosmetic problems and make them go unnoticed in color maremagnun. But if you take the clown Micolor in the soul and you can not live without colors to define your style, opt for large matrix prints or to mix different shades, They are cloaking well as breast tissue of large.

Goodies: garments "support”

As for accessories, We also can help cover – literally – los man boobs. In winter scarves and neckerchiefs in good weather they can help hide those areas of the chest that we want to show. Además, now they have become an essential complement menswear.

You see getting this «problem» does not mean going less fixed or have limitations within fashion, ¡on the contrary! You can feel good about choosing those garments and more conducive to you and, while, not only help you hold off your man boobs but also to provide you warm in winter or in summer molonidad.

man breasts conceal (estilismos)

As you can see fashion is not a natural enemy of gynecomastia, it can also help us deal with it and you can dress very different styles to disguise the man breasts that many worry.

On the gynecomastia and man breasts (man boobs)

  • According to Wikipedia: Gynecomastia is the abnormal enlargement of one or both mammary glands in men. This disorder is usually associated with hyperprolactinemia (excess prolactin in blood is also synthesized in males).
  • It can also be caused by hyperestrogenism derived from a liver disease such as cirrhosis, since the liver is unable to metabolize estrogens.
  • It is the most common breast disease in males.
  • Sometimes it can appear in people who are taking certain medications, as a side effect thereof. The drugs more frequently exhibit this problem are the use of proton-pump inhibitor and Calcium antagonists, Yolagogo, Digital, estrogens, Griseofulvina, Isoniacida, finasteride, methyldopa, phenytoin, Espironolactona, cimetidine and anabolic steroids.
  • Gynecomastia surgery is contraindicated for smokers or people with problems with alcoholism, and for people with cardiovascular disease, autoimmune, systemic or clotting problems.