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The Macallan, world leader of the malt whiskey industry, He has presented the Spanish arrival to market its innovative single malts ‘The 1824 Series’, Copyright whiskey consists of three exclusive varieties: Amber, Sienna y Ruby.

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Imanol Arias and Juan Echanove accompanied the guests in a trip in which they highlighted the relevance of the Spanish character, which boasts the new range. The method used to develop the new range allows the whisky maker get the best of unmatched oak casks of The Macallan, in pursuit of excellence in product, not be limited by a criterion of age: a completely innovative and forward-looking process within the Scotch malt whiskey industry.

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Imanol Arias and Juan Echanove were in charge of leading the guests along a trip through Scotland, the oak woods of northern Spain and with a very special stop in Jerez de la Frontera, ya que aging of The Macallan 1824 Series’ se produce 100% in barrels that previously have matured oloroso wine dry in the cellars of Jerez de la Frontera.

‘The 1824 Series’: Innovation in The Macallan

The 1824 Series' is the range of single malt whiskey created by the maker of The Macallan, Bob Dalgarno, who has been able to establish a correlation between color range and intensity, nature and complexity of the liquid, without relying on the usual criteria of age. This allows to reassert itself as The Macallan international leader in the field of malt whiskey through innovation and creating your own whiskey 'copyright'. 1824 Series
The barrels selected for this range exhibit a gradation of colors going from lighter to darker, It is the character of the wood which defines the taste of each expression, low to intense; fruity aromas of citrus and chocolates, spices and nuts.

Las three varieties that make up the new range 'The 1824 Series’, They are called different elements present in the pure nature - amber, Sienna and ruby ​​- fully in line with the inimitable natural color of The Macallan.

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SOBRE THE Macallan

The Macallan is one of the most awarded single malt whiskeys in the world. This reputation has been built thanks to the delivery of our 'Whisky Maker' and 'Master of Wood', true craftsmen that have made The Macallan for almost two centuries. His obsessive pursuit of perfection has ensured the continued quality
que ha distinguido a The Macallan, since he obtained his legal license 1824.

Thanks to its prestigious and limited special editions, recognized worldwide, The Macallan is the difference between all malt whiskeys high-end on the market. It is luxury at its finest. Find out more

The Macallan is proud, not only of his Scottish origins, sino de the importance of our country in the process of developing. So much so, the label of this new range puts Spain on the map of the best malt whiskey.