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A Special View of Salvatore Ferragamo’s Atelieris the intriguing name of a unique exhibition on Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, one of the most prominent art institutions in Italy, founded in the heart of Milan 1776.

A Special View of Salvatore Ferragamo Atelier (2)

Deployed in classrooms Design Academy, until you reach the magnificent room Napoleonic, The exhibition takes place in parallel to the week moda Milan and during three days. Yesterday opened with an exclusive reception co-chaired by Ferruccio Ferragamo, President of Salvatore Ferragamo, y Franca Sozzani, director of Vogue Italia. The winner of two Oscars Hilary Swank shared evening with international celebrities and fashion icons like Russian Miroslava Duma, Brazil Helena Bordon, Italian Princess Melusine Ruspoli or DJ and model New York Leigh Lezark.

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The Academia Brera, a temple of culture where art has been taught for more than two centuries, It offers an ideal location for this event. Generations of students from around the world have found here the means and skills to answer the call of art, acquiring own techniques to transform ideas, true colors and materials artistic works. As the most gifted students in Brera, Salvatore Ferragamo, It was guided by the standards of beauty, providing a tireless curiosity to transform them into beautiful for the most amazing materials and an extraordinary ability, consistent and innovative handicrafts. Innovating in bright selection of colors and styles that transform them into works of art; pero, sobre todo, surprising in the exquisite quality of the materials that make masterpieces. As a Witness, the five iconic models chosen by Sozzani to occupy a place of honor in the presentation: “Rainbow”, “Renaissance”, “Red”, “Butterflye “Invisibile”.

Large-format photographs of the original workshop in Palazzo Spini Salvatore Ferragamo Feroni, the medieval seat of the company on the right bank of the Arno river, artfully recreate the atmosphere set by the original tools used by the teacher.

A Special View of Salvatore Ferragamo Atelier (14)

In honor of the fiftieth anniversary of Vogue Italia, and to complete the sample, its director has collected from the company archives, Fifty of the most important re-editions of Salvatore Ferragamo, with recognized works of art housed in the halls of Brera. Your selection includes some milestones in the history of Italian fashion and design, innovative stylistic intuitions using different materials, as "Gondola", with its high wedge hemp and cork; the sandalia of "Splendid"; “Mirrors”, distinguished by the silver glass covering the heel; y “Flowers”, multicolor raffia sandal, to name a few. A new tribute to the anniversary of Vogue comes from the hand of "Azzardata",  a shoe satin embroidered with beads and rhinestones adorned a century ago designed, relaunched this year in limited edition.