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We know a little more about Natalia Lara, Spanish fashion a creative able to make us dream with its simplicity.

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"Natalia Lara born of a personal project, tras varios años en el mundo de la moda, He felt the need to create without thinking convince without external influences my ability annulled. The firm Natalia Lara is a need satisfied. "

Natalia de lara (3)– What is the philosophy of the firm Natalia de Lara? How is the woman who wants to dress?

The philosophy of the firm is to envelop, simplicity through lines, to the woman. I intend to dress a woman you see in the simple sophistication and elegance.

– His aesthetic referents, cultural, inspiration

For me, inspiration, is any situation that will surprise you throughout the day. Treatment each collection tells a story, from the metaphor of the positive / negative energy Binomio, a la relación sentimental entre los astros o en mi nueva colección es el gran trip de Ulises a Ítaca.

– What do you like the world of fashion? And what less?

What I like most is the art of creating feelings and recollections to other worlds that are not true. What I hate is all the aura of superficiality that permeates fashion, that corrupts the essence, it is to create beauty.

– How can a small mark carve a path into the world of fashion?

It is very stubborn, believing you what you do, leaving you for help and help. Each of the tears that spilled is a boost to move forward.

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– Any Money, style or essence? What should be more important for a fashion brand?

Essence: through her style is marked. Money is random, It depends on the job, random… Hay, It has been and will be very good artists who have not become rich.

– Where do you like to direct the steps?

I hope that the road is long, lleno de experiencias nuevas que me enriquezcan de conocimientos para que algún día llegue a Ítaca. Ithaca is a profession that needs work, dedication and pampering for you to receive the reward of a good career and always true to yourself.

– How can you get one of your clothes? /

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ITHACA, Fall-Winter Collection 2013/14

Natalia de Lara embarks on an exciting new journey without limits, or borders. True to its classic and simple style that reflects the elegance of other decades, yet fresh and modern, Ideal for women of our time. For it is inspired by the classic poem of Homer, 'The Odyssey', which it shows the journey of Odysseus to reach ITACA, his lost island.

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