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¿Why not take some photos in night clothes? But not… no tuxedo, the one that always accompanies us: Pajamas

Mid afternoon, a bed, an underwear and lingerie brand, The Lord of the Gafas yellow, a stuffed sheep, a cow blanket and cookie monster. everything can happen, o no…¿who said eclecticism?


Gisela's friends commented in the last Conference of Blogs of Moda 2012 of the Costume Museum that in its brand does not used to get feedback from their clients or bloggers in terms of images… and it seemed to me very normal and logical since it is difficult for girls to take pictures wearing their bras and panties! (although many show them in full with transparent shirts). Sin embargo, I promised that I would show my gift… it is true that much less compromised, to show appreciation to the firm that this year has also remembered male bloggers!

Here you see me as very few people have seen me so far!! En “In bed with Ecléchico and Giselael Señor de las Gafas Amarillas just got up from nap, to dream of beautiful things…








¿it's time to play? ¿Do you want to be on my team??

Thank you Gisela for the gift and you see that what was promised is a debt! You have already seen how good I look with your products (both boy and girl) so you know, the next campaign count on me!