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Interactive creation of a video clip through active participation of group members.

It is a new project of Perla28. The director / video artist Alessandro di Renzo proposes to the members of a music group the joint creation of a video clip of one of his songs. The name of the project itself refers to the collage technique, consisting of assembling diverse elements in a unified tone. This technique was created at the beginning of the 20th century by plastic artists (Picasso, Georges Braque…), later it was adapted by the Futurists and Dadaists. In fact, it was the Dadaist Marcel Duchamp who refined the principle of the "found object" according to which whatever an artist chooses is sacred as "art".

Following this principle Alessandro di Renzo nos proposes to create an audiovisual dialogue, un trip interactive. For this experiment they have chosen the Italian independent music band "Collettivo Ginsberg" and their song "Canto erotic primitivo" taken from their album "Asa Nisi Masa".

In this way the members of the group during the five weeks that the experiment lasts, they respond to five topics for reflection. Which are proposed by Alessandro through a oneiric video that visually represents the same question and that will be integrated into the final edition of the video clip together with the responses in video form of the members of the band..

The video artist, Alessandro Di Renzo, is in charge of guiding the components of "Colletivo Ginsberg" throughout the project, helping them create content, in addition to taking care of the management and publication of the blog. Your contribution as an artist and filmmaker will be to edit the video clip "cut-up" with the resulting audiovisual material and of course, with your personal point of view. You can see the process here.