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Love to hate is one step – or simply an antonym – in this article game with these limits and I speak about an Italian reference: Gianluca Vacchi (y, As the, I boast of humor and surprise It reads until the end!)

Today I want to present a picture of the world moda and lifestyle which greatly detest. Gianluca Vacchi his name is, is Italian and not be able to define what you do – Apart from defining himself as a "former businessman«. Blogger ( and now designer shirts. We could call it as an Italian socialite who has made their way of life enjoyment. As defined in explanation book autobiographical: «the elegance, The education, irony and some episodes of madness have helped make him what he is«.

And today I wanted here to list some reasons why I hate him deeply. Así, because if, because he has a life to hate strongly and a philosophy that nothing should be transmitted:

  • It's nothing inspiring: Never transmits good vibes or attitude and positive thinking, He is never able to rejoice with their publications – for very little egocentric that are – in social networks.
  • It is nothing free: Encorsertado always within social conventions, doing what is expected of a man of his age and category, without departing from the pattern without calling any attention.
  • Not handsome: As you can see, It is an ugly man. Mal provided and cares nothing physical.
  • Does not manage their money: You never know where to spend it. And do not fail absolutely nothing we would like to experiment or try.
  • Not know win: Or us, or anyone of those around.
  • Not influential: Four or five followers are basically friends and cousins (we already know that Italians have a lot of family) and nobody wants to match him.
  • Not fun: We never brings a smile (or his face hard, nor for your ideas)
  • It has no style: never risk, neither win, proposing estilismos (or estilismos, which goes far to exposed skin).

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Vale, Now remove all noes, and put the whole article with adjectives and verbs JUSTO backwards – pulling antonyms – and you have my true opinion this man that I find so interesting and inspiring. I think there really people who can inspire us while we diverte. And why not? It makes us envy them a bit and clearly Gianluca Vacchi is a clear example of this. Because enjoying life should be mandatory for all! (Within our possibilities) and that there are people who remind us, It is absolutely necessary.