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With these 4 keys you can understand everything you need to take care of your hair in summer and maintain its strength and shine.

Our hair suffers at this time of year more than any other, always in continuous sun exposure and drier than usual. Here are some tips from industry professionals, to keep you healthy and hydrated at all times, tricks you should know if you opt for both beach tourism and pool or mountain tourism these next three months. ¿How to take care of pelo in summer?

Hair also has its keys

Hair is made up of water, which is essential for you to enjoy an enviable and necessary health. What happens is that with the summer heat, a substantial part of that water is lost, evaporates, and that's when dryness problems start, breakage and lack of elasticity: “Summer is the ideal time to recharge it. Mainly, I advise taking advantage of the holidays to forget about the iron, the dryer or lacquer, as well as everything that is part of that daily routine and so tedious at times.

cuidar el pelo en verano

In summer, nature should prevail, the priorities for a good hair condition should be five: the protection, la hidratación, the bright, detoxification and a healthy diet, varied and rich in extra virgin olive oil, vegetables, fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts” – comments David Lesur, training director in classrooms David Kunzle.when we ask him how to take care of his hair in summer.

Yes to hair cosmetics to take care of hair in summer

cuidar el pelo en verano

It is also very important to choose the right products that provide extra hydration., like masks, sprays, shampoos and conditioners with the presence of keratin and panthenol, as well as protect the scalp with some treatment and pay special attention to repairers, as the tips tend to split and dry out too much in the heat: “The effect of the sun on the manes in summer can be very beautiful, but for long exposures I advise using gel sunscreens, crema, o spray, avoid products with silicone and privilege natural oils over others.

Además, to take care of hair in summer you should always rinse your hair with plenty of water after the pool or the beach, to then apply a good conditioner and/or mask that is above all nutritious” – emphasizes Lesur, which also recommends leaving the hair looser, more free, to dry naturally once treated after being exposed to the sun, sea ​​saltpeter, chlorine from the pool or other external agents that are harmful to the hair: And if we have it at hand, use pure aloe vera gel to regulate oil levels, moisten the fibers and prevent shedding. It is a wonderful fungicide and antibacterial rich in antioxidants and mucilages, perfect for dry hair”.

How air conditioning and different environments affect you

Por un lado, humidity is good for the hair because it gives it hydration, but it also causes an uncomfortable frizz. In a hot and dry environment, the hair stays very smooth, but since there is no environmental hydration, dry hair suffers a lot.

One key to taking care of your hair in summer is to know that air conditioning makes it dirty more quickly and when this is combined with certain synthetic materials, such as airplanes or offices without ventilation., it “electrifies”” and it dries a lot. In beach or pool environments, protection is essential to prevent discoloration and damage, and of course wash and hydrate it at the end of the day to remove chlorine or salt residues.

Protection comes first

We must take care of our hair in summer against the sun and heat. One solution is the use of capillary sunscreens, as well as cut ends and use the dryer and the iron as little as possible. Yes you can, it is better to let it dry in the open air. If the sun shines a lot on the street, protecting yourself with a cap or scarf is ideal.

If the hair has already been burned, some treatment should be used, such as those proposed by Menta Beauty Place: “They are perfect our hair nutrition pump that hydrates and renews the hair fiber, the super service Olaplex that repairs it deeply or the Acidic Bonding Concentrate for intense hydration, that combines protein and nutrition for hair, in addition to strengthening weakened bridges and sealing the cuticle with its acid pH formula” – recommends its director, Esther González.

Por su parte, David Lesur advises to prevent and protect also at home: "If possible, a poultice mixing oil and a mask on unwashed hair comes in handy, and leave overnight while we sleep with it wrapped in plastic film, that although it is not the sexiest or the most comfortable, yes it helps for an optimal result. After the beach or the pool, we must never forget the washing and treatment of the hair”. even with this, it is important to also consider other more drastic alternatives. Por ejemplo, hair transplantation sometimes seems nonsense to us, too exaggerated or expensive. But in difficult situations, it can really be the most effective option when we find ourselves in a complicated hair situation. In these cases, el hair transplant turkey offers us an economical and professionally guaranteed option.