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Comfort, practicality and style: the three main ingredients of the Caramel collection.

I had always had this signature as the ideal one for my parents, but in this new collection and this campaign I liked it, surprised and hooked, and I see the ideal clothes for all types of public when the occasion requires it, por ejemplo, go to work or a more serious date… ¿Am I getting older or just more stylish??


Caramel men and women know how to interpret trends without giving up the style that characterizes them, seeking, en sus looks, the comfort and cool air that transmits its autumn collection – invierno.

The Candy Woman: The women's collection does an absolute nod to color. natural tones, the range of blues and of course black will be part of the winter looks based on five-pocket jackets, trench coats and the masculine trend seen on the catwalk without losing sight of femininity.

Gray and mink are also protagonists in winter Caramel, and this season they propose to combine them with lime green, strawberries and blues, without forgetting the prints more than moda.

Dresses are still the star garment of the women's wardrobe, but so are jackets, tailored pants and coats that keep intact the design and patterns that endorse the firm. In the line of accessories, the maxibags, guantes, boots, bracelet shoes, ankle boots and a careful selection of jewelry will be responsible for giving the touch of distinction in each look.

This green dress above looks spectacular! If you are one of the foresighted, I'm sure he'll arrange more than one date for you next Christmas!

the candy man:  The men's collection for this fall – invierno 2012-2013 is defined by its elegant and comfortable proposals. designs that collect nuances of the most British fashion, multicultural touches and handmade details that ooze style.
Negro, gris, navy blue and mustard bring a touch of color to the most serious part of the collection, how are the tailor suits. Caramelo offers us ties with energetic colors and the most retro prints to break the formalities when the occasion requires it. the creams, ocher and burgundy we find them in other garments of the collection, from jackets and pants, to polo shirts and outer garments.

La línea de male accessories is cared for and keeps the canons of elegance afloat to which we are accustomed. Travel bags, belts of different materials and footwear for all hours and moments that combine perfectly with the rest of the collection.