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The key to recognizing a signature perfume is found in originality and the use of unconventional ingredients that tell a story and convey sensations by combining aromas in a unique way..

A signature perfume, also called niche perfume, is a fragrance that is intended for a limited number of people. This means that, far from being a commercial perfume, exclusivity is its most distinctive feature. As usual, these fragrances are associated with famous people and clients with very demanding tastes. It is the case of the brand Creed que, for generations, has perfumed renowned personalities such as John F. Kennedy y Kate Middleton. ¿Do you want to wear one of these exclusive fragrances?? Then, I show you how to distinguish a signature perfume so you can choose your next fragrance.

¿What differentiates a niche perfume from other fragrances?

En primer lugar, Author perfumery is far from the commercial brands that flood the market since they are original fragrances, inspired by something or someone. This does not mean that commercial perfumery is not original when combining different scents, but it is more common to find similar fragrances in it due to the ingredients they use. Commercial perfumes are designed for a mass audience and, por lo tanto, brands focus more on image than content.

The main difference between these fragrances and a niche perfume is that the perfumer seeks to tell a story evoking feelings and sensations. This means that signature perfumes focus on the essence of the fragrance.. We cannot list traditional ingredients that are present in these perfumes since each author will work with those that inspire him the most. at the time of creation to achieve unique fragrances that are not like any other perfume.

Keys to recognize a signature perfume

Signature perfumes are not massively produced, es decir, that in the market you will find few units of the same product. Además, these fragrances are rarely advertised or focused on marketing strategies. La marca es conocida por sus años de experiencia en el mercado y ha adquirido este reconocimiento en base a la confianza. Those looking for a signature perfume, as usual, trust the originality of the perfumer.

perfume de autor

Por otro lado, the packaging of these products is usually minimalist in design; what matters is its content. Niche perfumes tell a story through scents that combine the highest quality ingredients and evoke sensations through a completely unique fragrance.. Is the case, por ejemplo, of the fragrance Creed Aventus. This signature perfume is inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte and take his life as an example of struggle and courage. Por lo tanto, its fragrance evokes a feeling of courage and a feeling of success.

Signature perfumes are dedicated to an exclusive audience and, por lo tanto, not mass produced or advertised like commercial fragrances. The key to recognizing a niche perfume lies in originality and the use of unconventional ingredients that tell a story. and transmit sensations combining aromas in a unique way.