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Interview with Joaquín Pinar, from the Swiss cosmetic firm Wherteimar, It tells us the dangers of cold on the skin and some ideas and products to combat.

The cold arrives affected everyone's skin. As explained in Jared Man «The microcirculation of the blood suffers because the veins contract with the cold. The more vasoconstriction and less circulation of nutrients and oxygen, the skin becomes dry and dehydrated. Sort of like less internal power flow: the skin loses strength and thickness»

That is why I wanted to publish this mini interview that they send me in the category belleza to know a little better how to solve how to protect our skin from the cold. From its headquarters in Barcelona, Joaquín Pinar, responsible in Spain for the Swiss cosmetic firm Wherteimar, recommends us certain guidelines that we must follow to keep the skin perfectly hydrated, firm and smooth throughout the fall and winter, before problems like intense cold, temperature changes and heating, thus avoiding dryness, tightness or peeling, especially on the most sensitive skin.

What are the precautions we should take to protect our skin with the arrival of the cold? Protecting our skin from the cold.

Given this change in temperatures, the skin undergoes too many thermal changes, so it is recommended first, the use of creams that have regenerating active ingredients, repairers and protectors. About the latter, we must remember that also in winter, or when the cold comes, the degree of sun protection that we usually use must be applied to the skin. Not because the sun's rays act differently than in summer, guard must be lowered.

What are the main problems that usually affect the skin when temperatures drop?

When this happens, our skin contracts and reduces its irrigation. Lack of oxygen and other nutrients give skin a dull tone. There is also a feeling of tightness, preventing the sebaceous secretion of our glands and leaving the skin very dry and sensitized. Especially this affects the lip area, lateral nose and hands. Asimismo, an extreme temperature change over a long period of time can weaken the skin capillaries. If these weaken, they will end up being more permeable, even causing a couperose.

 What cosmetics would be best for dry and cold sensitive skin?

Básicamente, products with rich textures, soothing assets, regenerators, Protectors and anti inflammatories are the best solution for this type of skin. They will help us eliminate the annoying feeling of tightness and irritation.

What treatments and cosmetics are recommended to combat it?

What you need to do is always keep the skin very well hydrated and of course, apply a high protection factor, what will calm, will protect and decongest our skin. Por la mañana, we propose the High Protection Regenerating Cream SPF 50, non-oily texture and fast absorbing. En definitiva, protects the hydrolipidic layer of the skin and prevents it against skin aging. Overnight, the Absolute Youth Mask that offers us ideal assets for this problem. Finally, For the hands we recommend the continued use of the Energizing Hand Cream SPF15, to form a protective glove-like barrier against moisture loss, recovering the flexibility and softness of the skin.