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8 golden days what are they 17, fantastic week lasting three and a half weeks…. The marketing department of the English Court can not count or does not get along with the numbers! :-P

This is the image of the new advertising campaign for El Corte Ingles, the mythic 8 Golden days, where firms give discounts or specials on seasonal garments. The point is that – since the promotional period runs from 4 al 20 de noviembre –  tallying, and that I am of letters, I get a total of 17 días. I suppose you have 8 days of gold and other 9 of a hangover that still lasts the shine….

Here we see the image of the last great week also from El Corte Ingles, for the autumn 2011, the corresponding dates 2 al 25 de septiembre. In this case they should be 7 días – if I hurry and add two weekends, 10 días – it is extended until the 23 días. Specifically it covers 3 and a half weeks of September. 3 ½ weeks! In this case it is multiplied by 3 the duration!

I understand that marketing campaigns, both of 8 días de oro, like the fantastic week, They take enough time to begin circulating and being, and and, just the days that mark. Once consolidated the idea is difficult to pretend to change much through publicity and the public mind. The writing 2 o 3 days might have some pass, but when the days are duplicated the truth is beginning to creak.

Should perhaps, or change the marketing strategist – I know that “Fantastic month” or “The 17 días de oro” they are much less shocking – but they would be more rigorous, or create new savings opportunities and build these into their specific days.
In a period like the present, when the offer periods are extended to motivate people to consume more, is very sweet discounts extend these dates; but should also be aware that it is a information and publicity so to everyone that draws much attention the imbalance, and I know that I am not the only one who has noticed and even joked about it….

In the blog of humor How right I have found this image that reflects on the same…  Eight golden days. They will be the longest day of your life. (That's what it says in white down)

I give the example of Corti because these seem lighter, forceful and media, but I'm sure there are many other campaigns, both moda and d all products, that stretch "seems more than".

¿Do you know any other campaign that has caught your attention?, is whatever, where also the name mismatch with the number?