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To celebrate both the 185º anniversary of Ponche Caballero as the redesign of its bottle, Mark made a party in El Puerto de Santa María.

The legendary Castillo de San Marcos in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) It has been the site chosen by Ponche Caballero for the presentation of his new bottle, coinciding with 185 anniversary, It is modernized to adapt to changing times with a more modern and manageable format. There we discover, through a historical exhibition, different bottles brand has launched in recent decades, in the years since 40 appeared so characteristic silver bottle, acquired color in honor of the traditional silver punch bowls.

Ponche caballero (8) Ponche caballero (9)

Ponche caballero (3)

The presentation allowed us to a sensory journey through the five predominant botanists recipe Ponche Caballero, through their places of origin: oranges of Andalusia, canela de Sri Lanka, Vanilla Mexico, Madagascar clove and nutmeg in Indonesia. The brand also used the event to present original and delicious cocktails, with exposing the various possibilities of this punch the world of mixology. ¡I presented mine in this post!

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It was the first time I enjoyed that part of Cadiz and the character that surprised me is that we discovered thanks to a small tour that carried us through the village before the party. During the celebration: many cocktails to test the versatility of Ponche Caballero, thanks, many laughs, musicón, air show and photos, Many photos and snapchats (Seek user: GafasAmarillas). That led to a night of magic and good company party that will always remember.

¡Thank you very much Ponche Caballero for inviting me to enjoy this commemoration with you! I wanted to capture this experience in a Dayari ¡Espero que os guste!