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Here I review the most iconic looks from the Super Bowl during the proceedings that have taken place in the mean time.

It is one of the most important dates on the calendar highlights of American and – by cultural assimilation – almost everyone. This sporting event brings together passionate about football but If you have managed to transcend and become an icon is, casually, for their time off. It not only premieres the best ads of the year – made ad hoc for the occasion – but in each edition there is a live performance that highlights great music stars and of course we look at their outfits to collect the most iconic looks of the Super Bowl.

You know that this blog we treat moda crosswise ¡is present everywhere! and so I wanted to put the spotlight on the styles that these stars have worn over the years in this grand spectacle.

Here you have a selection of the best, flashier or more iconic looks of the actions of the rest of the Super Bowl.

¡Go for it!

Although the spectacle of the middle of the Super Bowl has been held since 1967, the first star was Carol Channing in protagonizarlo 1972, ¡with a white coat that would mark the beginning of the spectacular nature of these shows!

CAROL CHANNING. Looks iconic Super Bowl
White coat Carol Channing (the first artist to perform at the intermediate). 1972.

It is in winter, other coats arrived later but leaving aside the candor of Carol. En 2003 Shania Twain wore this black patent leather leather coat and did just the opposite of what he sang, ¡Yes impressed us!

Ten years earlier, another jacket had petado world. Michael Jackson was presented with this reinvention of military jacket on his performance 1993. This look became one of the most iconic of the artist.

MICHAEL JACKSON. Looks iconic Super Bowl
Military jacket Michael Jackson. 1993

Of course her sister could not miss in this review of the Super Bowl lookazos. En 2004 Janet Jackson would make her look the most talked about in history for her “corset” removable Justin Timberlake was responsible for opening.

JANET JACKSON. Looks iconic Super Bowl
The “removable” corset” de Janet Jackson. 2004

Justin back over ten years years later (2018) to star in his own show and made launching a very different message. Con su shirt Stella McCartney wanted to put a focus on environmental awareness.

The ECO Stella McCartney shirt for Justin Timberlake. 2018.

Speaking of clothes with message (and the father of the designer before), we go up 2005 when was Paul McCartney who with his red shirt with a star in the middle He did the same putting on the table that was more alive than ever. Por cierto, viewing photos, seems to point out is the Super Bowl.

Red shirt with star Paul McCartney. 2005

If it is a question of talking about t we have to talk about Britney Spears. ¿Can you imagine performing in front of the whole world with a shirt fangirl broken? She did it with Aerosmith 2001 and it worked well enough to become one of the most iconic looks of the Super bowl.

¿Camisetas? ¿So that? A step further was Adam Levine last year when half of his show with Maroon 5 He decided to take his shirt and show everyone your tattoo. ¡Surely you also noticed the internal fire that caused worldwide!

ADAM LEVINE. Looks iconic Super Bowl
Adam Levine tattoos (Maroon5). 2019.

Fire has always been present in the proceedings; Katy Perry decided to take it literally in his look when she wore on her show (2015) a costume that mimicked flames on his body signed by Jeremy Scott.

The suit flames Jeremy Scott for Katy Perry. 2015

If Katy Perry wanted to become fire, Madonna a few years earlier (2012) He became a "Cleopatra 2.0 meets ancient greece” thanks to the design of Givenchy and its reinvention of both classical periods with well-fetish. ¡she very simple!

MADONNA. Looks iconic Super Bowl
When Givenchy became Madonna in "Cleopatra 2.0". 2012

If we talk about simplicity, ¡I present to you the simplest and most random looks in the history of the Super Bowl. Christina Aguilera and Enrique Iglesias decided to come out with smooth basic shirts in his show 2000. Speaking of the effect 2000 We did not expect that the future was so bland, la verdad.

We imagined the future of top performances with a look like they wore The Black Eyed Peas en 2011 where the group got to shine and light until clothing.

The futuristic costumes Black Eyed Peas. 2011.

¿someone said shine? ¡Here comes Lady Gaga running! The body and boots covered with hundreds of Swarovski crystals worn in 2017 when he jumped from the roof made it shine brighter than ever.

LADY GAGA. Looks iconic Super Bowl
The body with Swarovski crystals Lady Gaga. 2017

Gaga came leaping from the roof, but more than 20 years before another great diva had already flown over the stage of the Super Bowl. Diana Ross an 1996 He was presented with this orange trajazo opening that had a pink monkey below, ¡and left the stadium singing in a helicopter!

And if something could draw more attention than a diva out by helicopter in the history of the Super Bowl it was turquoise blue suit and orange shirt she wore purple guitar Prince 2007. ¡We expected nothing less from him.!

PRINCE. Looks iconic Super Bowl
Blue suit and orange shirt Prince. 2007

At the opposite side of the suit are the tracksuit. ¿Someone has performed at the Super Bowl with tracksuit? ¿What do you say? ¡You are right! Gwen Stefani was in 2003 que, very much in roll, he placed a bright crop top with a sporty boxer shorts and boots.

The crop top with tracksuit Gwen Stefanni. 2003

Ten years later we find the looks that wore Beyoncé. Throughout his performance was the protagonist black leather a body covered with several pieces she was removing over his performance.

BEYONCE. Looks iconic Super Bowl
The body of black leather Beyoncé. 2013

And before you have two Latin petado in 2020, We do homage to one of the most iconic looks from the Super Bowl for the first Latina who acted in it: Gloria Estefan. A dress inspired by the salsa and quinceanera looks like the star appeared in 1992.

Dress sauce Glorian Estefan. 1992

¡And indeed! This post could not end without the great performance of JLo and Shakira with a great show to put in value the Latin force. Enter through the front door looks most iconic Super Bowl with this layer dual flag (Puerto Rico and the US) he wore
Jennifer Lopez launches a clear political message.

JLO. Looks iconic Super Bowl

¿What new looks will the Super Bowl halftime bring us in the coming years? ¡We'll be alert!