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THE IGLOO. That was what almost gave me, a heart attack, when I opened the MANGO catalog that was sticking out of my mailbox yesterday morning.

Mercedes Barrutia

merbarrutia / www.mercedesbarrutia.com

The truth is that it was a mix between cardiorespiratory arrest and grief, pity of the one that closes your throat and squeezes your stomach. When i was little, I had a classmate who was skinny and my grandmother always told me "You, give her a peseta for a stamp”. That's it, exactly, what to give to the catalog model: food.

the little book, that has a pass for the understated-modern except for midriff-baring tops and blazers, It had me more or less entertained until I saw this photo. “Poor little model”, pensé. I know the measurements that a model has to have, without valuing my opinion about it, ¿¿but this..?? ¿Really? A girl who needs to put something in her stomach, vale, ¿but the photographer does not realize that the girl can break her hip? so young she. His face says it all, "ouch".

And to recognize that, with tears in the eyes, I continued looking at the catalog. Until I found the image that I have titled, I have allowed myself that license, "yes, cone". This photo is a clear direct consequence of the previous one., where the model, according to my predictions, the hip is injured. That, the MANGO sells uncomfortable shoes and dresses that cause cervical sprain. Eso sí, I love the hairstyle.

I have thought of writing to the brand and sending a catalog made by me, but this time of sandwiches destined for the dummies. Yo, that I do not miss a meal, I can't stand it and even less see a heart-stopping model losing face during a photo shoot. That, In addition to a work accident report, requires a control that seems not to be met and a commitment that seems to have not yet arrived.