Destination of the Month: Ibiza and Formentera 🐬

Nothing better than a dip in Balearic Islands to enjoy August One of the main features of these two islands is hosting themselves the possibility of finding the most complete holiday or complete relaxation, ends within, Ibiza and Formentera are the paradigm that variety is the spice. Within our…

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La cerveza SOL abre un nuevo espacio artístico en Malasaña (Madrid)

La cerveza SOL® ( inauguró ayer el ESPACIO SOL® en el barrio de Malasaña de Madrid, continuando con su campaña “Espíritus Libres – Tu vida es tu mejor historia”. Un nuevo espacio multifuncional abierto este verano del 10 julio al 28 septiembre. E l ESPACIO SOL® permanecerá abierto de jueves a sábado en horario de 19 a 23h, de julio…

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Will not apologize for the dark ... I'm a bronze statue!

Sometimes susceptibility becomes a double-edged sword and comes to curtail "art" of selling fashion. Ala, once put the transgressor scrotumtightening subtitle, I explain what all this. Leo el otro día que la gran firma sueca H&M ha recibido críticas de la asociación sueca contra el cáncer debido a

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Tattoos solar Fashion, against trend or craze?

I've always been intrigued and liked solar tattoos, a natural and different way to change your appearance. Me fascina, intrigue me and this time I like body decoration technique consisting of playing in the sun and our skin to get pictures in the body leaving areas of "shadow" without getting in the sun….

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