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Si, animal respect can even paint our skin. ¿What are vegan tattoos and what specifications are needed to get them?

There is no doubt that veganism is claimed as a lifestyle that is getting more and more followers. His idea of ​​rejection of animal abuse and exploitation goes beyond what is often believed by thinking that it is only one type of diet. Veganism encompasses the foods that are eaten, sí, but it is also intended to expand that awareness of respect they encourage all the products that are part of the daily life of their followers, how can the clothes be, cosmetics and even vegan tattoos.

Vegan tattoos

¿What is the difference between vegan tattoos and traditional tattoos?

Traditional tattoos are carried out with inks that have ingredients of animal origin, like glycerin, that is obtained from animal fat, or gelatin, extracted mainly from bones, pig skin and tendons, beef and poultry. Asimismo, these products are frequently tested on animals.

Sin embargo, vegan tattoos have become popular for a few years, an alternative to traditional tattoos designed for those who do not want to involve animals in their decision to get a tattoo. Vegan tattoos are characterized by use products of plant origin and cruelty free from its preparation to its realization and subsequent care.

Some questions – and your answers – about vegan tattoos.

It is normal that we ask ourselves some questions when talking about vegan tattoos. We will try to answer them:

  • ¿What is vegan ink? ¿what is it made up of? Vegan ink is an environmentally and animal-friendly ink, that does not contain among its ingredients any of animal origin, either directly or indirectly. Each brand and color has a different composition, so if you want to know exactly the composition of the ink, it is best to ask the tattoo artist for the brand and its reference and look for its composition. One of the keys to vegan inks is that they do not use glycerin from animal fat, vegetable or synthetic bell.
  • ¿What are the differences between vegan ink and traditional ink? Traditional ink is usually composed of elements of animal origin, like insect armor, burned bones or glycerin made from animal fat. Por el contrario, the vegan ink does not use components of animal origin nor is it tested on animals, So it is 100% cruelty free.
  • ¿Is there a way to know if our tattoo artist is using vegan ink?? The best way to find out is to ask the tattoo artist directly and look for tattoo studios that advocate a vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle.
  • ¿Is there any contraindication of vegan ink? Quite the opposite. Vegan inks are hypoallergenic and the body assimilates them much better than most traditional inks, producing fewer allergies and problems during tattoo healing.
  • ¿Vegan ink maintains color the same as traditional ink?
    There is a false belief that vegan inks lose intensity over time. Sin embargo, Today there are many high-quality, totally vegan ink brands that offer spectacular results, equal to or better than other traditional non-vegan inks.

Not just the tatoo itself… but everything else.

In addition to the inks, if you want to make a tattoo 100% vegan there are other factors to consider like tracing paper (the traditional ones carry products of animal origin. Sin embargo, there are already many quality vegan alternatives). Vaseline or lubricant used during tattooing (make sure that the glycerin in these products is vegetable or synthetic and not of animal origin). And finally the healing cream for its care and conservation (Currently there are many tattoo healing creams on the market that offer impeccable results but without harming animals).

Vegan tattoos

The tendency, who was born in cities like New York, London or Berlin, has expanded internationally and it is already present in almost all cities. Por ejemplo, the group Alchemist’s Valley, which has offices in Madrid and Barcelona, use only inks 100% certified vegans. SI am sure that in your city you can find tattoo centers where these techniques are followed to get your vegan tattoo and continue helping the animal world in your day to day.

Fotografías: Alchemist’s Valley