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Men's jeans always save your styling, ¡and having these three in the closet I assure you that you will be right wherever you go!

Whether you are a man or a woman, jeans are the quintessential piece to fill our wardrobe and be ready for anything, since they serve «both for a broken and for an unstitched«. It is true that for women the options are multiplied by a thousand but for men, ¿What three models of men's jeans do I recommend that you cannot miss in your wardrobe?

men's jeans

Before anything: ¡that they are your size!

Before getting into the matter, it is very important to emphasize that it is essential that jeans «they fit you». There is no «nothing worse» in the world moda que some cowboy pants (¿where does this garment come from?) that do not fit your body or are not your size. This not only subtracts several points from your look but they will be very uncomfortable to wear..

And when I say they fit, it's not just about size – squeeze or go baggy – but to men's jeans that are slightly loose at the hips, those with a couple of fingers missing at the waist or a few inches long. You have to look at many parts of the garment to monitor so as not to end up wearing pants in an inappropriate way for their design or that do not favor you or feel good and comfortable.

¡Por favor! ¡Don't be lazy when buying jeans and try them on before you decide to keep them.

¿What three models of men's jeans cannot be missing in our wardrobe?

It is true that in the market there are multitude of options to buy, Many brands, types of garments, percentage of elasticity, etc… but there 3 types of jeans that you must have yes or yes in your wardrobe because after all they will become essential and will fit in many situations. They are models that, We could say, «they are good in general». If you don't have them, you know what your next purchases should be:

The classics: regular fit. They are the most classic cut, straight leg and more serious cut, With them we seek to enhance legs but to convey a feeling of elegance and simplicity, as well as a certain seriousness.

To avoid being too boring you can choose them in darker blue tones – that we will associate directly with one more party moment – or of a very light tone that can thus become a more everyday pants but with a professional touch.

Los «bold»: slim fit. It is a tight-fitting men's cowboy model but that does not stick completely to the skin, that are fair but do not stick or squeeze (those who are butt tight are skinny). These enhance the figure more since they show it or insinuate it more clearly.

They are perfect for more informal meetings or moments when the dress code is less serious.. You will get a more informal and fresh look but without being out of tone or place. It could be said that these types of jeans are indicated for all body types since playing with their lengths they can also help lengthen the figure in man if you want to appear taller or shortening them they will give a more contemporary and urban profile.

The relaxed ones: tapered fit. When talking about tapered fit it may seem like a complicated term but if I tell you «Skinny jeans» can be much more clear and visual. They have a conical shape that makes them looser on top, and taper progressively from the waist to mid-calf. From now on, the cut is a little straighter and does not squeeze.

It depends on how you choose them, they can be very radical without the tight butt or very relaxed if we choose them too wide.. Either in one way or another, That is why they are recommended for more relaxed and relaxed moments with friends or commitments that are not work or formal.. They can be combined with all types of footwear to achieve that difference that we say in concept, from boots, shoes plus «preppy» o zapatillas.

Photos byMarkus spiske, Crawford Jolly y Raphael Schaller deUnsplash