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La gama Thiomucase, expert on cellulite and fat reduction, It has launched a new product to treat specific accumulated fat in men: Thiomucase Man Waist and Tummy fat-burning stick.

Thiomucase Hombre, tratamiento grasa acumulada (1)

Thiomucase Hombre, tratamiento grasa acumulada (2)Thiomucase man with LIPOBURNENZYM® acts enzymatically against accumulated fat. It is the only reducing fat stick making it a comfortable treatment, dand fast application and light texture that perfectly glides onto skin. Its format is practical to carry travel or the gym, no manual massage and its rapid absorption and leaves no residue on the skin. Men increasingly, They are looking for an effective way to decrease the volume of the abdomen and waist, and define your muscles.
In the clinical study * conducted to 54 Volunteers for 28 días, se ha demostrado la eliminación y reducción del exceso de grasa en el abdomen, con a decrease of up to 3,9cm perimeter, así como el 21% del volumen del abdomen. Monitoring has also shown to promote muscle definition.

His stick format allows apply the product directly on the areas most in need. For best results, Thiomucase Man application is recommended once a day in waist and abdomen, preferably after the shower and on the skin clean and dry. Its innovative stick format, comfortable, fast and clean, allows easy application in three easy steps: 1. Apply the stick on the abdominal area making vertical movements three or four times. / 2. Go over the area with horizontal movements. / 3. Finally to the sides, should apply the stick with diagonal movements.