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El 19 October World Day for the fight against Breast Cancer is celebrated and, counting some cases that touch me closely, I reflect on it and defend swashbuckling we are all with them.

We must recognize that many times-and I am the first who says- we are not pending or supporting many issues until we touch closely. It is difficult to get in the skin of the sufferer, porque, I will not deny it, It is more pleasant for your mind to look for similarities / perfect instagramer / to empathize with a person who is not doing well.

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El 19 October is celebrated worldwide on breast cancer. Every year I have it present because it has been around me several times. Many more than I would have liked. ALL more than I would have liked. My two grandmothers and my mother have suffered.

At the end of the day, we can not forget that life is not always perfect, but it is NU3STRA. As such the live butt and loving. Many things in life and chose not even if they are marked on black background or we leave marks on the skin, we must move forward.

There is no doubt that breast cancer is a disease in which more people - brands and companies, This is critical for research - they are interested and cooperating shown. Even so, siempre It is good to remember on days like these that we are here, which it is an issue that concerns us and we send all our love to the people who suffer and who is around the patient.

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patients, former patients, family… It is a disease that strikes when a family does subverting their foundations completely. Of course the affected is the worst of it and not talk about symptoms or feelings because it would be unable to put myself in their shoes for a single moment.

I do not want to miss the opportunity to name an influencer that has known how to convey the feelings anyone has an area affected by breast cancer. I speak of Bethlehem appointments, which process online we have lived with her and was able to bring such a hard long illness from a point of view close, magical and even touches of humor. Now that is recovered is an exceptional process journal.

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What yes I can speak to is about family. About Network doubts, fear, insecurity and nervousness that mounts sick women around. Which it is the part that touched me. All around a patient of breast cancer becomes strange and confusing.

We want to be at your side without burdening, we want to feel present and convey mood without knowing what timing is right. We are from phrases that do not help - even if they are those with good intentions - to times when you cast a "land, bring me!

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I'll tell you mine: when my mother suffered cancer began to viralizar entire roll book 'The Secret' with positive thinking and the power of attraction. I remember trying to tell give it "Think positive, that will fix everything!» and what was our surprise when this philosophy was based on «You have what you deserve because with your thoughts you have attracted him«.

One evening he told me, very calm: «Manuel, The book says that you attract things that happen to you, I have drawn my own cancer? what a shit«. At that time I went to my room and I could not hold back the tears, I cried like a cupcake: "I was making my mom feel guilty without realizing?”, I repeated endlessly. She is learning now - while you - I had the llorera.

In time view guess what the book said that end-mierda giving a little like after all what was happening. From there, I could not help but think that when someone is going wrong is best to give a hug in silence and then simply apostillar: «I'm here with you and I love you«.

try to find «Formulas of happiness»It's bullshit like a castle. And more if others. Because the only thing that brings happiness is love - self, to the family, to friends, At the couple, to the life! –. Todo, siempre, it is a matter of love, love and love. In our house, desde entonces, only the Coca-Cola formula is respected.

EDIT: When my mother read this article called to tell me that I had not thought of that at any time or he'd felt bad about it, they simply thought that the author was an asshole.

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So this time I still want to join this movement of awareness so that every day can be the pink tide that wants more and better research, and also creates a network of love and understanding for all concerned.

There are a thousand ways to support, And all are welcome and valid! I does not matter whether symbolically, with understanding, support and love, the economically, donating to associations related to the topic or buying products whose benefits are destined to it.

In this case, I bought this t-shirt on the Save The Mama website in order to raise funds for research against HER2 + breast cancer at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and create a space to support diagnosed women, family and friends. Or Join the pink, the charity shop AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer)

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But I want to finish with a lighthearted approach. Because in the worst moments it is when you usually find the best things. Dose of true love that everyday we are afraid to express, friendships that go beyond the good times, I support even people who do not expect it, new smiles, new looks (although forced and hard can draw a smile), and support from all those people who care, know you or not.

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Fotografías: Alba Asenjo