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The main function of clothing, lest we forget, it is covering the body to protect it from adverse weather or natural features. After that function is extended with social parameters, the prudish moda shaping other needs in our garments.
dialisis clothing chemotherapy
But not everyone has the same needs when it comes to dressing, and I do not mean you are higher than the average, but there cASOS where "core" textile patterns fall short. Sure you know the "removable" bras for breastfeeding, which can be a great example of this special need of clothing.
Ahora, Free LLC American company has gone a step further and created a clothing line for people to go to hospitals or clinics for dialysis, chemotherapy or other treatment that requires taking intravenous lines or catheters. This American company makes designs get through zippers that can show or hide an arm needed to make these pathways.

The "necessity" of ideas

Almost always, good contrive arise from the experience. How they count on their website (in English) Megan Stengel, Vice President of Research and Development Free, He saw the need for these clothes after seeing his mother spent several times a week for dialysis. The woman did not feel comfortable with her clothes during the medical process, wore in approximately four hours.
A business option that rather than assessing competition, which currently it is very low, you are looking for the comfort of generous with their patients. Speaking of prices, ranging from the 35 a los 55 dollars depending on the design and are already devising more products plus a specific line for boys.
The undisputed name evokes the release occurs be comfortable and at ease with the clothes you wear and it becomes indicated on each occasion. Free is not only the opening of the clothing, but the feeling of patients whose treatment does not carry it prevents them from performing their daily lives. says the company website.

Further research

Through work with various medical foundations and working with hospitals, dialysis clinics and the National Kidney Foundation in the US, Free promises to alleviate what is in your hand some aspects of such harsh conditions as those mentioned and not just through its products, but the sale of its clothing intended one dollar from every sale to the investigation of kidney diseases.
An innovative idea that has managed to meet a latent need in the broad areas of textile and medical

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