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I want to introduce you to 5 hairdressers who changed the history of the hairdresser (and the style) throughout the 20th century.

Aesthetic advances are not «Aesthetic advances are not, Aesthetic advances are not» Aesthetic advances are not Aesthetic advances are not «Aesthetic advances are not» Aesthetic advances are not thus enhance their expertise and mark an era. Es decir: hairdressers who made history.

Here I show you 5 Essential names in the history of female hairdressing during the 20th century. Thanks to them, technical advances have been achieved, social and cultural that are manifested in today's hairdressing salon. Here you can see this infographic to see them at a glance.


And if you want to see it on video… here you can see the reel I made for Instagram with some more photographs of them and their emblematic inventions or hairstyles that will surely surprise you. ¿Did you know these style geniuses??


Infographic transcription:

5 hairdressers who made history (in the twentieth century)

Leonard Autie. Francia. (1751 – 1820)
Marie Antoinette's hairdresser. The first hairdresser – stylist with an official record.

Marcel Grateau. Francia. (1852 – 1936)
He invented the tweezers in 1882 and with them a new way to get the hairstyle you wanted.

Antoine of Paris. Poland. (1884 – 1973)
He changed hygiene habits by popularizing washing the pelo more often. He created the famous Garcon Cut, female liberation symbol.

Sydney Guilaroff. United Kingdom (1907 – 1997)
He worked for Metro Goldwyn Mayer combing all its stars and turning them into myths. He was the first hairdresser to appear in film credits.

Vidal Sassoon. United Kingdom (1928 – 2012)
He turned the hairdresser into a fashionista element by popularizing that common people often went to the hairdresser and created the first empire of hairdressers under his name..