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Because sometimes you want to stay at home but without giving up a good afternoon or night plan, here I present you 6 seasonal cocktails: simple and delicious.

If something we have integrated in recent months as essential has been to squeeze our home and organize small parties. Although we all love restaurants and nightclubs, planning a meeting or small party at home with friends is a perfect alternative to enjoy with a small company and be ourselves.

Sin embargo, celebrating a party in our home also means headaches: organization, invitations, meals and, por supuesto, ¡the drink! ¿What kind of party would we organize if we did not have certain drinks?

Although it never hurts to have the most typical drinks available, what could we call «what could we call», I have verified that the cocktails they are an option that all guests like. Además, many of its ingredients can be purchased online. Por ejemplo, es posible buy brandy, wine or gin without leaving home quickly and withmoda.

But back to the topic, en este post I'm going to show you some of the most important and well-known seasonal cocktails with whom you will succeed at a party. ¡Let's go there!

MOJITO: ¿Who has not heard of mojitos? Although they are typical of the summer, they can actually be taken at any time. The basis of this cocktail is the ron (Havana Club rum is perfect), to which peppermint is added, lemon, sugar and soda. If you want the option without alcohol, you can substitute the rum for another drink such as tea or lemonade.

seasonal cocktails

OLD FASHION: It is a typical New York drink and extremely popular. The main ingredient can be whiskey or brandy, depending on the tastes of the guests. Selected drinks may vary, since there are more sophisticated drinks (por ejemplo, Brandy Emilio Hidalgo) or cheaper (Brandy Sorel). In any case, a citrus mix is ​​added to the alcoholic drink (lemon juice, cherry juice, sugar, a slice of orange and sugar).

SAN FRANCISCO: This cocktail is perfect for those who don't drink alcohol and prefer a healthier alternative. Its main base is made up of natural juices: pineapple, grenadine, orange and lemon. To this mix, to be done step by step, add sugar and crushed ice. ¡delicious!

DAIQUIRI: It could not be missing among our seasonal cocktails. Created in Cuba, this cocktail It is based on white rum, so typical of the islands. The ingredients we need are white rum (My recommendation is that you turn to Rum Santiago de Cuba Carta Blanca) and lime juice. To this mixture we will add sugar and a lot of crushed ice.

TEQUILA SUNRISE: For tequila lovers, Tequila Sunrise is the perfect option. It is not known very well where this curious mixture arose, but it was in the US. It is a cocktail that mixes tequila and orange juice. To these two ingredients add a little grenadine juice and some orange slices. To end, we add ice and some decorative icing. ¡the result is delicious!

APEROL SPRITZ: Over time the spritz has become fashionable in Europe, And no wonder. This drink, very common in the Austrian area, Suiza and Italy, It is the most popular cocktail of our European neighbors. To prepare it we need Aperol and a good wine. In countries like Italy they usually turn to Prosecco, but my experience tells me that sparkling wines from our area they are perfect (Agustí Torelló, Alta Alella, etc.). To these is added a little soda, ice and a slice of orange.