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Men's accessories and complements are increasingly taking center stage in the dressing room. Here we give them 5 trends that mark this year and foresee the keys of the following.

Plugins are an important part of the moda male. They add the finishing touch to a look and can help men express their personal style.. When we talk about accessories and accessories there is a great variety since they are included from glasses and watches to bags and belts. ¡And of course we can also find trends in men's accessories Since by going hand in hand with the world of fashion, its progress and evolution is inevitable.!

They can help men go more comfortable, to optimize your day to day, to adapt and protect themselves from the weather or even to stand out from the crowd and make a style statement. They add the finishing touch to a look and can help men express their personal style..

trends in men's accessories
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That is why the friends of Trendhim have wanted to create a brief summary of the 5 trends in men's accessories and most outstanding styles of the year 2022. Based on your purchase database and your figures and market research, these trends that mark 2022 They give us keys to know where it will go 2023.

Trends in accessories for men

1 – “Genderless” earrings. The evolution of the urban style reflects the cultural spirit of the moment, and the dominant idea in 2022 is to reject gender fashion. The label “accessories for men or women” is increasingly out of use.. modern style says: «Leave aside the labels, regardless of what they mean to you.". Los earrings they can say many things, either a hoop, a button or a clip and there are as many varieties and options as there are different personalities.

a close up on a male wearing a pearl necklace and tattoo
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2 – Pearl and chain combos. Pearls were once the greatest status symbol. Sin embargo, en 1921 the first cultured pearls appeared, which caused its price to drop, and since then the venerable material has been available to almost everyone.o. But in 2022 they come renewed and mixed with chains of all kinds. Right now the union is strength even with elements as different as metal and pearl.

3 – Overlay and more is more. We see it in parades and increasingly in the streets. It has always been said that "less is more" but now there is no doubt that more is more is here to stay. A striking piece does not need a lot of “noise” around it, so if we decide to have it, it is being a declaration of intent.

4 – Urban style. Urban style is now not just for a group, ¡everyone can join him and take advantage of his style! En 2022, that fashion focuses on individual expression. Powerful and simple icons and symbols take the quibbling and guesswork out of your style. Be bold and stand out as the street is there to be enjoyed no matter how you are.

5 – Color. The use of striking colors is now a recognizable symbol as the way people choose to express themselves in 2022 and it will be another trend in men's accessories. Use strong colors, daring and in some cases unusual. A bright red belt, blue earrings or a collar of rainbows will surely attract attention and put the focus on our personality and style.