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This week's blog The Lord of the Gafas Yellow has fulfilled 8 años. Today, yo, Manuel J. Romero, I take off the mask to reflect with you on everything I've felt and learned during this time. What good is sometimes stop and think (both the good and the bad)!

Blogs have died, Long life to blogs!

When the blog was born he did vocation to discover, inform and entertain. we were 4 digital cats looking forward to our view on fashion and show our style. without further ado. Por supuesto que, when manufacturers realized "our power", It was the first thing I wanted to be present at events, sponsored post or special actions. ¡Democratizamos la información y la opinion sobre moda y estilo! (with all the good and bad that entails). The issue of "celebrities - bloggers", homogenizing profiles, buying followers, the contents uncritically, - In summary: The postureo - come later.

The era of "personal" blogs has passed, digital profiles now focus on social networks and microcontent (o macro, if we see some videos). Life is so! Independent blogs work at a different pace than some years ago. You can search your stats and you'll see them eclipsed when compared with the data in any pretty face that combines Zara clothing (or leave home without it).

But if something I learned at this time is we have to do what we love. the blogs may have died because the market is evolving, we all do, but I'm still comfortable in this space that has evolved and where I can express myself with more than 4 hashtag.

Success is like ass, Each one has his own.

Success and failure is just what you want it to be. It's been a long road to discover that everything is relative and depends on where you put the focus. When I commented that blogger - and all this way - some people are surprised for good, while others think the opposite. It is very sad when, after so many years of work I have failed people who call me no more than 100 likes a photo Instagram. Pring Menudos! What it is hateful people who give their opinions without asking, ¿verdad?

Not all that glitters is gold…

Even doing what you like and what most sets you free, There are bad days or moments. In all this time "fighting"There are things that give rage: Items not work well, growth stagnates wantonly, People who passes you the right to hit book, agencies that fail to count on you because you have the necessary Ks ... Like any job, be "blogger" is a bed of roses with some thorns (phrase is not sponsored by Mr Wonderful, I promise).

Frustration is inherent in human beings. We have to learn, EVERYONE, to live with it. So if something creates tension, Spend that! Like the other day said Jessica Hunter Elegance referring to Instagram, What do you care? Stop not follow what makes you happy!

True care is not bought with money (or doing things that you like).

I told a friend, literal, que [for him] “Rostropovich was the best cellist played before whether 50.000 and people applauded; as when he played in her living room and listened only a neighbor. Because the secret is to enjoy playing, else should be always circumstantial!”

I admit that sometimes I obsessed with growing, los likes, visits ... I want you to know that I've tried. Mucho. De verdad. Less buying followers I have done almost anything to "adapt". I have done videos with a superhuman effort, I had a poor representative who could not get me anything in months, I went to parties that did not appeal to me just to try to make contact, I tried to be funny, el sexy, the fool or the ready; but I've reached a point in my life where you do not want to "make me anything", But BE!

Repeat ad nauseam that I have always been myself, and even so, a thousand times I've lost along the way tried like. In my case the improvised nonsense, more natural, more real, It was getting the best results. Was not it enough signal? But you know, We do not see the beam itself.

Life without "wet" is more boring.

It all started with a character, with the facility to put on or remove the mask - in this case glasses -, but gradually evolved to become more "myself" that "myself". Through yellow glasses he was able to enjoy and to fight for things that Manuel even imagined. Ahora, años después, it's late, Mrs, Now nobody can remove him from me. Rather we are no longer holy and trill, we are one fact (Quite) meat. And I want to be visible! Nothing masks!

I thought, good and bad, I refused to various actions, I struggled to visualize the causes with which I agree. And I am proud of all. Estos 8 years have shown me to live without "wet" it is useless, And much more boring! Always be perfect and political correctness does not represent me. I'll be real, not perfect (sí, I'm also freaking out using these hackneyed phrases of cheap philosophy Facebook).

The word influencer is ugly.

Already said Melissa Hindell, If to me what I like to paint are flowers! I've always wanted to be a blogger! I do not want to enter the catalog influencers regardless of my past! In fact I think my power to "influence" is quite limited. I know I'm good at communicating, I know I have no opinion, judgment and character but I do not think being "a mass leader". This requires that two things: First believe you are and secondly: masses!

Ahora, After realizing what I have and what I need, I wonder why I want more influence if I stop being myself? Why justify my worth with a simple number? QUE-LE-DEN.

Get the dance out of me!

In these 8 years has also been (many) good things. I have met wonderful people, I have expressed - and I continue to do so - as it has given me the desire, I've been to events, desfiles, travel, parties that have made me very happy, I've gotten a bonus and gifts. But the most important, I have taken many prejudices and complexes about my physical and my personality. I cried, I laughed, I carcajeado, I have danced, I have sung (salt ill) And I'll keep doing! and Now I removed it bailao!

My blog and every day more people.

I've also noticed that I'm accompanied him and how people who want me helped me to continue my dream (although sometimes they not quite believe it). From help with a silly photo to become columnist blog. (sí, There was a time that this blog hosted great friends to discuss and reflect on various topics).

See how my parents have grappled between pride and shame to see my life exposed through this medium and always support my decisions; feel that my friends have been there with every paranoia that had the blog, stops because "the picture was there", accepting eat a little cold food so that will cast a photo before ... Some are great sacrifices, other nonsense, but all have shown me that this blog is not only mine, but many people who believed in me.

Y por supuesto, you all / as you're there reading, because you have not let me scream vacuum. If all this effort has served to entertain yourself even a little, it was worth it!

As I am slightly bipolar, There are days I'm super lively and willing to give everything for the Lord of the Yellow Glasses and others that would send him to hell. But no matter if it's once a day, once a week or once a month. Lo tengo claro: I want to keep writing! And I want you to continue to accompany me on this journey to discover things besides fashion and lifestyle me is discovering many things about myself!