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En 2012, Chopard will be back, by 15 consecutive year, Official Sponsor of the Cannes Film Festival. With this motive, the Firm is preparing the 65 pieces from his new Red Carpet collection and reveals two of his creations.

Desde 2007, Caroline Scheufele, Co-Presenter and Creative Director, has created every year a collection of High Jewelry made up of a series of exceptional and unique pieces : the Red Carpet collection. Cada año, The collection is made up of a number of pieces whose number coincides with the number of editions of the festival of cine most important in the world. For this he is inspired by the actresses who climb the famous staircase and also by the red carpets from all over the world.

Caroline Scheufele has been attending for 15 years to the Cannes Film Festival. He knows well the frenzy that surrounds the ascent of the staircase of the Palace of Festivals and the importance that that moment acquires for the actresses, as well as the kind of jewelry they dream of. « I have been attending the Cannes Film Festival for more than 15 años. Throughout these years I have had the opportunity to meet many actresses with whom I have many times established close friendships. These special relationships with extraordinary personalities are what has prompted me to create original pieces, unique, very different from each other, so that each of the actresses find the dressing that best suits them for an exceptional moment »Explains the Co-president and Creative Director of Chopard.

Caroline Scheufele has decided bet on colors to define the Red Carpet collection 2012 : in her work as a designer the colors and the litmus of precious stones are what feed her imagination. For this collection he has chosen stones such as ruby, the Emerald, padparadscha sapphire, tanzanite or even kunzite, without leaving aside the diamond : « my favorite stone and an inevitable ally of women on the red carpet »According to Caroline Scheufele, that reveals, scoop, the first two creations that have emerged from the House's High Jewelery workshops.

Original, unexpected and not devoid of humor, the first is to eat it bites ... almost 800 tsavorites and more than 200 cognac diamonds, total 57,2 Carat, they adorn a stunning apple-shaped ring to give it a delicious and tangy glow. The second, more romantic, but no less spectacular, is a majestic floral inspired long necklace, set with more than 1.100 diamonds, pink sapphires and rubies for a total of 38,8 Carat, that without the slightest doubt will attract all eyes.

The jewelers of the Chopard House in Geneva, they work hard to prepare and carry out other 63 creations, all of them unique, that will be presented on the occasion of the opening of the Festival, the next 16 de mayo. Además, Within these workshops is where the Palme d'Or is born every year, the supreme award of the Festival ...