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If there is something to take care of during the entire treatment and for a long time after, is the skin, it becomes thin and brittle just like nails.

The first thing is to have very careful with no hurt or burn yourself, since the defenses are very low and can cause infections, así que ¡Eye! if you do a manicure , when cooking or ironing… ¡Beware of sharp objects! 

They advised me to use a moisturizing cream with olive oil after showering., I have used Nivea's, but there are many on the market. In summer, I have used foot cream, to prevent them from drying out.

Every day you have to protect yourself of the sun (both in summer and winter), so I recommend La Roche-Posay protection cream for the body 50 (or another with a high protection factor) For the face I have found one that is moisturizing and at the same time has protection 50, it's from Biotherm, so you don't have to use two creams every morning.

Regarding the nails, they crack and sometimes even fall off with the latest chemo, so it is best to always wear them short and use dark enamels that cover the most deteriorated areas. It is also good to use nail protector and hand cream. It is better not to use long-lasting treatments such as gel nails or permanent paints., until they are stronger (two to three months after the last chemo).

During radiation therapy, you also have to take special care, but there they do advise you on care, creams and gels you should use.

And remember… ¡now is the time to dedicate time and take care of yourself!

Fdo. and photo: Concepcion Herrera Castilian.

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