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Accompanying a fashionista to the sales deserves an instruction book… The best thing is to be patient and know what you're sticking to.. ¡This manual will surely help you!

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This post can inevitably be applied to anyone who accompanies a shopping fashionista, well be boyfriend, bride, hermano, padre, mother, tax collector… when we embark on the incredible adventure of shopping with a fashionista we must have some things very clear, Knowing them in advance will help us better endure those tedious afternoons of sales and bargains. You're welcome:

You asentirás or will disown, depending on what the buyer needs

We all know when the person being tested needs to hear a “you looks great” or “better not. Sometimes it's hard to tell the moment – and especially there are quite indecisive people – something that will always get you out of trouble are taglines: “The way I see it…”, "it seems to me…” or “I don't understand” o “What you see”. Apply them to practice:

  • “¿What do you think of this leather jacket??” – the interested person asks while the jacket cries out for mercy because it is about to burst..
  • The way I see it, leather jackets are useless., when it's cold you freeze and when it's hot you roast, It seems to me that the best thing you can do is look for something else., but we go, I do not understand. What you see!”

You will be the coat rack above all things

Nobody can buy at ease with bag, the coat, the scarf, etc. This is so no matter how you feel, and although in summer it mitigates a little, you'll probably end up with all the accessories hanging from your arm or neck. The only advice I can give you about this is: Try to wear shoes that match the bag of the person you accompany. You won't get rid of holding it, but at least you'll look decent and put together.

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You will look for size after size until it fits

We know that sales season, the shop assistants are there for little more than to say “If it is not there no”, así que You will have the arduous task of helping to find size or color. Consider it as a challenge, You will bring out the Indiana Jones that you have inside and it will seem everything less hard and more fun.

Waiting at the door isn't bad at all.

In the event that the person you are accompanying does not need your continuous approval or help – or meet another more like-minded companion “¡You, look my friend Puri from college!” – You can choose to wait at the door of the establishment.

  • Disadvantages: It might be a little cold or you might get a little bored.….
  • Advantages: all the others… you can spend time tweeting or playing with your mobile, taking a look at the people coming and going, think about your things, or simply avoiding all of the above for a while.

Likewise, it will not prevent you from continuing to be the perfect sales companion if when the person you are waiting for comes out you say motivating phrases such as “how nice what you found” or failing that “do not worry, Next time we're sure to find something spectacular.”. It will be like a little time out.

You will stay in line without question (una y otra vez)

It is clear that you cannot be hunting for bargains and waiting in line at the same time.. It is necessary that you fulfill your role as a shift guard in fitting rooms., at the checkout or even in the bathroom line – in department stores. That is the right moment to make use of all your inner strength and your inner self., you just have to bow your head and wait. Everything will happen as soon as the girls get organized.

In this section it is worth highlighting the companions who drive. You will not only have to endure the afternoon/morning of shopping, but you will have to drive home. Returning to the car has never been so pleasant.. The bestor you can choose the music on the radio –and forget about the mechanical musical chains that have been hammering you.


Never lose your cool

If at any time explode, everything achieved up to that moment will become less than zero… so it is necessary that you be honest until the end, with all the consequences. Count to ten, fold or tear paper – tickets or advertising can help –, bite (lightly so you won't hurt yourself) language, or even resorting to common refuges such as humor can help you overcome your desire to kill Dior and his entire family.….

try to enjoy

I'm sure you'll find the positive side.: Accompany that person you love, see shop assistantsgüenorras´, know that hidden facet – and warrior – of people in sales and how they return to their primary instincts when faced with bargains and discounts…

If, on the other hand, you are the nose-touching fashionista, Do not hesitate to recommend this post to all your friends and sufferers, You will do them a lot of good and you will benefit from the fact that they will know the procedure perfectly. And you know, be benevolent and make it easy for them, they deserve a statue!

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Fotos:  Autumn Winter campaign 2010 Vagabond Footwear with Oscar Spendrup photographed by Bersa.