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Accompany someone to the sales fashionista deserves an instruction book ... but it's much more fun when you do what you please…

Manual-of the-imperfect-accompanist-de-sale

Have you ever thought that of "It is dressed by his worst enemy"? Sales companion imperfect can become almost without realizing that enemy worst enemy that makes finding bargains and offers or a misunderstanding with the ego and reason. Surely this is much more fun, but be careful, since you can be the next person to suffer.

You asentirás or will disown, otherwise depending on the buyer subject needs

We all know when the person being tested You need to hear a "you looks greatA "a 'better not".... but I would say is quite another thing. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the time - and especially some people quite indecisive, so we can throw us a few laughs - something that will encourage the session of the tester are the coletillas: "Is that your size?”, "It seemed bigger removed", "You look like a slut / amish - as - "or"What you see”. Apply them to practice:

  • "What do you think this leather jacket?” - ask the person concerned who could star in the new campaign cannon Guess what it is.
  • "Is that your size? It seemed bigger removed. The truth is that leather jackets make you look a little slut ... you know that I do not dislike you look like a zorrona, But what you see!”

Manual-of the-imperfect-accompanist-de-sale (2)

You will not be perchero above all things and do as you forget

Nobody can buy at ease with bag, the coat, the scarf, etc. ... but it's not your fault, nor do you have to be the one coat rack. Encourages the companion to leave things on clothing stands and then saying chínchalos "oysters, I think you have taken your jacket thinking it was Rebate”. Although it seems to be angry, sure to love the joke. Let me give you some advice: be careful, not really going to take it and passes from a chinchoso or a total dick.

You will look after size but size will not find anything because "if it is not there, It is that there is no "

We know that sales season saleswomen are for little more than to say "If it is not there no. Clearly they say that work there and they know what they are talking! If the first change not find what you need ... next year there early and entertain more less, leñe - or use the online.

Waiting at the door ... the cohones

You might be to cap purchases but wait at the door is counterproductive, get cold and bored is not your thing so pégate as possible to your companion and draw your best weapon of seduction and entertainment. When you're tired you are when you need your incordio, for a day that accompany, we must give everything.

It also never hurts, to the leave the store, argue that encouraging phrases like "if I had known not go”, “You never find anything because you do not look good” o “we should come before there is nothing in your size”.

Manual-of the-imperfect-accompanist-de-sale (3)

You observe tail rechistando again and again

When you say I'll get in line, hundreds of things you call attention circumstantially so most likely have not advanced when passenger arrives nothing. No problem. The wait time is a key and fundamental to dialogue about how nice it is something that takes so and so, how expensive it seems all even in Sale, how slow it is and how little our saleswoman combinable that's all you're about to buy. Nothing peace and inner strength, you have to let it all. If you do not say now it's like if he had never said ... It will soon all the girls organize and we must seize.

He loses his temper and if possible the ticket

If at any time explode, The most normal thing in the world. We all get tired at some point in leggings and cardigans and we must expose. You can do this in two ways

  • The silent complaint: It is sufficient with repeated puffing and bad sides.
  • Multitudinous complaint: Can take an accomplice to some other discounts imperfect companion you find yourself in the queue and begin to comment on how bad everything, of course not forgetting the accompanying shame. Example: “It has bought this leather jacket slutty, in two weeks he will be asking a shelter conditions

If all this is accompanied with the loss of the return ticket will be the culmination of imperfect maneuver rebates and get your companion feel like Dior and kill all his race ....

Manual-of the-imperfect-accompanist-de-sale (1)

try to enjoy

Provided it is not done with malice, sure to find the positive side: See saleswomen `güenorras´, know that hidden side - and warlike - of people in the sales and how to return to their primal instincts to bargains and discounts, and of course make fun of them ...

If on the contrary you are the person suffering fashionista, do not hesitate to hide this post and stop inviting these companions imperfect Sale. You know his tricks, You know who they are, You localized and have them every year caes. Lene, espabila and this year someone get yourself more submissive and less joio. If instead you have no choice but to go with someone like, patience and the bull, you deserve a statue!

And do not forget to read "The manual for the perfect companion for Sale '

Fotos:  Autumn Winter campaign 2010 Vagabond Footwear with Oscar Spendrup photographed by Bersa.